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Snacks/Backpack Food for weekend ice climbing (freezing)

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  • Snacks/Backpack Food for weekend ice climbing (freezing)

    OK folks, saw some ideas for snacks for hiking. My situation is I will be ice climbing all weekend, outside in below freezing conditions while carrying some food in a backpack. Do you have suggestions for food that can sustain me and a partner for ~10 hours outside at a time and several hours physical exertion? Need things that can keep in a thermos or within packaging in a backpack. Some things like Cliff bars become very hard in the cold, but maybe a different kind of primal bar might be OK? I don't have a lot of time so stuff I can buy at the store is helpful - perhaps like nuts, platain chips, sweet potato chips, etc.

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    I snowboard and am in sub-freezing temps most of the day. I bring a coconut Lara bar which is small enough to put in an internal pocket close to my body heat, have had no problem with freezing.
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      Thanks, that's one item. I need to pack food for an entire day, without being indoors at all during that time or access to any facilities. I can't keep everything on me, since I will be climbing.


      • #4 has a lot of ideas for hiking food. Even if your hike isn't a thru-hike, you might get some ideas.
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        Backpacking light might also have some ideas.
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