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    Quick question, a recipe i've found calls for 100g of sugar. I'm planning to substitute it for honey instead, should it be a like for like amount of honey (100g) or will a smaller amount go further?

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    Great question. I starve for sweetners and have been using honey more. Is it a healthy substitute?

    I've found a great local source and bought a large quantity...

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      Remember, professional bakers consider sugar as a wet ingredient, but that's a technical note.

      You could try it, but sugar is often used in a recipe not just for sweetness but for how it affects the finished product in terms of texture, color, consistency, etc.

      There's also a lot of moisture in honey, so your dry to liquid percentages all things being kept the same will be way off. This means whatever you're baking might either never rise, not set, or be way too wet.

      Still, there's a larger point here, 100g or sugar versus 100g of honey is still a pretty large sweet quantity, either way. Are you sure you want to eat this?
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        Originally posted by dave155 View Post
        Great question. I starve for sweetners and have been using honey more. Is it a healthy substitute?
        I don't believe it is as bad for you as processed white sugar, but it's still sugar. It's not good for you and should be regarded as a treat.


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          ^Agreed. You might try to reduce the amount of the sugar or find a primal/paleo version of the recipe. There are usually little to no added sweeteners in those recipes and they can be very delicious, though the focus of t he food often becomes "savory" over "sweet".
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