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Problem with gaining weight

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  • Problem with gaining weight


    I am eating primal more or less than a year now and feel great, though I actually never saw any change I had hoped for (better skin, less knee pain, less colds). But I believe my body will be healthier so I stick to it. I am convinced on the scientific basis of a paleo like diet.

    One problem I have though is with gaining weigth!

    Recently I calculated the amount of calories I ate on an average day and it was more than 3000kcal!

    I eat lots of meats, fat, cream, coconut oil, butter, nuts, 1 piece of fruit a day, eggs, bacon.

    I go 2-3x to Karate classes(cardio, conditioning like) a week and workout 2-3x times(strength-like) at home. A bit less the last 3 months cause college was very demanding.

    I am loosing more and more weight. It is only fat. I feel and see that and I am still as strong as I was 6 months ago, but I would rather like to gain muscle! I am more the slim jim guy with only 77kg with 1.88m (6feet2).

    anybody got help?

    Thanks, much appreciated!

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    Gaining muscle is more a function of brief very intense workouts. Art DeVany has recently been discussing how to gain weight on an evolutionary diet .

    It also jumps out at me that you have not listed any vegetables in your diet. Those might help out with some of the problems you listed.


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      Oh. I do eat lots of vegetables as well of course. Just mentioned the above foods to point out that I actually eat a lot of protein and fat. But my main meal consits of 0.5-1lb of chicken/beef plus 1lb of veggies.

      My workouts at home are maximum of 40min long and of course intense. At the moment I start with a ladder/pyramide of chinups, followed by a pressing exercise(Kettlebell press/ some sort of Push up) superset with body rows. Ending with kettlebell lunges/squats/split squats and 4-5min of 24kg swings.


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        I bet you don't eat as much as you think. Post your diet. The only weigh to gain weight is to eat more. That simple. Find calorie dense foods (olive oil works great).


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          That's not really enough volume to encourage significant muscle growth. Also, the chinups, push ups, and body rows are likely not nearly heavy enough since you're only using your bodyweight for resistance.

          You need to move a lot of weight to produce enough microtrauma to the muscle in order to encourage repair and regrowth to a larger size.


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            Yesterday I had the following to eat:


            Fried black pudding(one sausage)

            2 fried eggs

            5 stripes of bacon

            tablespoon of sesame oil with Vit D;

            Main meal:

            400gr of shrimps fried with vegetables, 150ml of cream and a spoon of coconut oil

            evening: shake made of 1 banana, hand full of almonds, 2 raw eggs, 70ml of cream;

            The cream I had that day(and I have 250ml every day) has already 800kcal. Normally I also snack almonds during the day.


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              I eat more than that for breakfast after a workout. If you aren't hungry enough, you aren't working out hard enough.

              Cream isn't food and won't build muscle. Eat steak and you might get a decent dose of fat and protein.

              Nothing beats muscle as fuel for building muscle.

              The "Seven Deadly Sins"

              Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
              Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
              Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)


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                The thing is I am hungry quite often(no problem with my workouts), but thought that my body gets enough to eat. Food is already so expensive. 50 a week(just for my groceries, eating in college not included) and you r telling me now to eat even more. Hmm.

                any cheap suggestions how I could fuel my body?


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                  Inexpensive protein: tinned fish and ground beef.

                  Also, dairy is well demonstrated to facilitate growth...but you have to be willing to accept the negative consequences that go along with it. It's a cost-benefit analysis.

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                    Was shopping my groceries yesterday and bought more than usual including milk and cottage cheese. Gonna make a little experiment this week and see how I feel with it.


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                      Hey damnation

                      I'm a college student too, isn't it fun paying out the nose and knowing you still have loans to cover once you get out...hooray for debt. Anyway, I found that eggs make for a great source of cheap protein/fat/food when it comes to gaining mass. I would suggest going for what Mark says in his post on gaining mass ( ) and try to eat about a dozen eggs a day on top of what you are already eating.

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                        I've been primal for 6 months now--without exercise. Lost 11 pounds. Am just about to begin doing some body weight bearing routines and light sprinting.

                        It definitely gets expensive with the food. Wife is not too thrilled that I've "moved up" to 1lb. burgers (grass fed) on burger night (no roll of course). And for breakfast I sometimes crack two fried eggs over a piece of chicken florentine (boneless chicken breast, spinach, butter, olive oil).


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                          Thanks again lads!

                          You really did open my eyes! Gonna give plenty of eggs and additional milk a go and will see what happens. I hope a gain in mass!