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    You should have seen how excited I was at Whole Foods today.

    I asked the guy at the meat counter if they sold lard at WF (what do I know?) and he said he didn't think so, but that he was standing next to a big pile of pork trimmings on the table and was about to throw away all of the fat, but that I could have it if I knew how to render it. My eyes widened and I nodded my head. I have never rendered it before, but that's not the point. the point is that I got TWO POUNDS of it for FREEEEEEEEE!

    I jumped up and down when he said no charge! They must have thought I was crazy

    Just wanted to show off a bit

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    Wow what a score. You should keep this quiet cuz if everyone knows and they start selling it you will be paying 4 bucks a pound in no time. ;-)


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      Most butchers will do this.


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        And... shameless plug here Praise the Lard! The Veg Patch


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          There are a few ways to render it but after watching the waitress at the local Japanese restaurant grease the nambemono pot by letting a chunk of fat melt and then swirl it around the pan a few times I'd say that's a pretty darn good way of using it too!

          Congratulations on your spoils.


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            Congratz! I wish I had stores like that around where I live.
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