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Stupid jerky question

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  • Stupid jerky question

    I made beef jerky yesterday in my food dehydrator...just salt, pepper and a little worchestershire sauce using conventional london broil slices. No intentional curing. I had my dehydrator set to 165 degrees.

    It was cooling down when I went to bed, but I forgot to package it up and refrigerate it today.

    Will it be fine sitting there til I get home from work?

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    I would say it is most likely fine as long as it was dried out well. When you don't have curing ingredients it will spoil quicker, but likely not in a day. If you have some really fatty pieces or if it wasn't dried out you are more at risk, but if it was dried out it should be fine.

    I store mine in the freezer (and fridge for up to about 2 weeks), but quite often I have taken it on vacation or camping trips and it was not refrigerated for a few days with no issues.
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      your jerky will live, and you will live with the jerky


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        Thanks, I thought this might be the case. I had a moment of panic and wanted to be 100% sure. Food poisoning ain't fun.


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          The jerky will be fine. A hobby of mine is learning primitive skills (friction fires, making flint arrowheads, edible wild plants, etc.). We've made sun dried jerky (and fish) and you couldn't tell the difference between that and jerky from a dehydrator. Hunter/gatherers dried meat and fish in the sun, sometimes allowing smoke from a fire to keep flies away.

          Sun dried jerky will not spoil. Here's why: as the thin strips of meet dry on the surface they get a dry glaze. Once the meet glazes bacteria no longer affects the meet during the drying process. When I make jerky in a dehydrator I actually use less heat then your 165, usually around 135. Once it's done we toss it in the freezer, just as a precaution since we intend to store it for at least a year.
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            I set our dehydrator to 110 for everything, including meat. I heard this can make it last longer somehow, although an 8lb. (fresh weight) batch only lasts 2-3 days at our house anyway. If your meat was dry there is no worries.
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