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Survival Week - Feb 7-12

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    Oh edit to today: I had an Apple and some almond butter and another coffee just now.

    Oh, and for the first time i'm actually using Fit Day to track my carbs, etc.

    Today stats are:

    Protein: 120.5g

    Fat: 85.2g

    Carbs: 30.2g

    Total calories: 1,379

    I'll IF the remainder of this evening (staying late at work) until tomorrow morning post run/core work.


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      Went Carnivore today and my totals came out to roughly

      Fat: 86g

      Carbs: 4g(not so sure about that)

      Protein: 173g

      Calories: 1564

      My whole life, I've felt like an animal......but I've ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. That will never happen again.

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        It is time to go to bed!

        Had everything I said I would today, including the meatballs with marinara and spaghetti squash, plus .5oz of both pecans and almonds, 1 coconut bar, and 1/2 cup frozen berries. Carbs were a little high today at 65, but I'm okay with that

        Also got in 30 minutes of moving slowly, and then No More Trouble Spots with the ever gracious Jillian Michaels. Ouchie! Good circuit workout for sure!

        You are what you eat,
        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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 3 of Survival Week. I am going to attempt a fast. I am going to try and make it until dinner tonight around 6:30-7 but we will see. I have stuff at work I can eat at lunch if I just can't manage. I haven't been feeling well since about midday yesterday so I am hoping to just fast it off so to speak. So...wish me luck...hopefully I can make it to dinner with just coffee and water or tea and hopefully I will feel better. Depending on how I feel will depend if I hit the gym or not.


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            ooof last night was a trainwreck lol. calorie wise just fine 1565 but carbs were 100g (guess i thought i'd need the energy for snow shovel gymnastics today lol) back on track today!


            b: black coffee, 1/2 apple, greek yogurt 15 almonds & sprinkle of bloobs and cinnamon

            s: HB egg

            L: IF/snow shovel

            D: eye of round roast and rutabaga


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              Aw I had to come to work today! Boo. Oh well.

              B: IF

              L: Chicken wings and half an apple with almond butter

              D: Cobb salad YUM!

              No workout today, I'm going to rest instead! Had 3 days of intense workouts, and my thighs/booty need a rest

              Carbs should be 25 for the day, I'm going to try not to snack around dinner so much today!

              You are what you eat,
              and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                Fasted from 6pm onwards last night. Through this morning.

                B:IF, Coffee

                L:Tuna, Chicken, Bacon with Curry Spices and a dash of orange juice

                D:Salad with Chicken or Tuna (Dinner out with mum) Olive oil and avocado dressing


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                  3 eggs, bunless turkey burger, tomatos, pickles, cottage cheese, red snapper, salad with blue cheese dressing

                  I feel like ass today. I slept on my neck wrong and it hurts SO bad! Blah.


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                    doing well so far! snowed in holy crap we got 18more inches?!?!?! i did 4.5mi in 40mins and snow shovel stylings for 1.5hr

                    getting the eye of round ready now since i IF'd lunch after my workout. sipping tea to keep warm. carbs will be extra low today since i goofed up yesterday


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                      yesterday was a success!

                      Today: off work again!

                      exercise: snow shovel/maybe yoga if i have the will surely be needed! i wanted to shred this week but i avoided it since i would be "lifting" heavy piles

                      B: greek yogurt, 1/2 apple, almonds & cinnamon

                      S: 2 HB eggs

                      L: IF/TEA prob be outside working

                      S: casablanca twist tea

                      D: leftover eye of round from yesterday which was heavenly! loads of veggies


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                        Yesterday was good, no dairy and 36 carbs total

                        Today is

                        B: 2 hb eggs, 1/2 an apple with almond butter

                        L: Salad, probably chicken, at Pappadeaux

                        D: Meatloaf with bacon roasted brussel sprouts!!! So delicious. I could eat those freakin sprouts every day...and I bought a lot this time so maybe I can

                        WO: Running for about 30 minutes, arm/upper body stuff (pull-ups, dips, tricep pulls, push-ups)

                        No IF today, but I'm more hungry than usual so I'm going with it.

                        HAVE to get to bed on time today. I love the PB Sleeping rule 8 hours is perfect...6.5 like I've been getting is not.

                        You are what you eat,
                        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                          Today's plan:

                          M1: 2 eggs, 3 slices cucumber

                          M2: Cucumber slices

                          M3: 3oz chicken

                          M4: some sort of chicken or meat from TJ's

                          M5: cucumber slices

                          M6: 3oz chicken

                          M7: protein shake

                          M8: mashed cauliflower


                          3 Rounds

                          400m Run

                          21 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)

                          12 Pullups


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                            Got the Shred in the mail last night finally! Unfortunately, my neck is so bad that I can't lift my arms or turn my head from side to side. Might have to make a visit to the site nurse/physical therapist.

                            1 egg (I'm out of eggs now), cottage cheese, red snapper, salad with blue cheese, indian chicken, sesame seeds, apple.


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                              Last night had a complete derailment, including ice cream, and some chocolate (90%) oh well.

                              Today's plan:

                              B-Apple, coffee with cream

                              L-Chicken/Tuna salad with olive oil, garlic, s+p, Avocado, and spinach


                              Great swim practice this morning and some heavy lifts (squats, lunges, shoulder press, core)

                              So maybe last night was a carb-load? haha (ugh...)


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                                I also derailed quite spectacularly last night.

                                Gulp, please don't judge me (too harshly)

                                Peanut butter with mini eggs mixed in.

                                So ya, I'm back on track today and I didn't eat much else yesterday (big primal breakfast, then the evil deliciousness, and not much else) so I'm feeling pretty ok.

                                The more I see the less I know for sure.
                                -John Lennon