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How much fat/grease is too much?

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  • How much fat/grease is too much?

    Since I've gone primal - my eating habits have changed alot, naturally - by themselves. I no longer need to eat like 4 -5 meals a day, but get on with about 2. I seriously am satisfied.
    But.....I have been supplementing my meals with about as much fat/oil or animal fat, grease that I can; just in order to feel full. I use coconut oil to cook, simmer foods. I also drink coconut milk, and use cream sometimes. I use butter on meats, veges. I mean I use a LOT. to point of saturation. Anyway, I feel okay most times..but that's what it takes to get full.

    Sometimes, my stomach ..doesnt exactly feel upset. I just feel sort of sick, I think from all the grease. This happen to anyone else? What am I doing wrong? Is there any way I can get more fats into my diet without the grease?


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    During my first two months of being primal I sometimes had a heavy feeling in my stomach after fattier meals - not pain, but just a kind of heaviness that would come a couple of hours after the meal and last for another couple of hours. But that's over now (I've now been primal for 3.5 months), I don't think I've had that heavy feeling for the past 1 - 1.5 months.


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      If you're not used to it, you should, I think, build up slowly. For example, going from 1 tablespoon of fat per day to 1 cup of fat a day, ouch!, your body isn't used to it.

      Like many people here, I used to eat grains every day. I never noticed any ill effects, since I was used to it. But now if I eat a couple pancakes, cookies, or such, I feel like there's a heavy brick in my stomach. Very heavy!
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        Thanks guys for the responses!

        p.s. and yeah. I used to eat grains every day. It was just how I grew up - never questioned it. Even though now, I think the whole time it was contributing to making me batsh*t crazy, anxious, imbalanced unstable etc. It's amazing what happens once you start to pay attention. I went to cheesecake factory with my mom the other was like carb overload. I had a burger with the bun and sweet potatoe fries. then a piece of cheesecake after. I think it made me sick afterward. I felt stuffed. Immediately I went into insulin shock and crashed on the couch after I came home. (I don't miss that feeling..and it used to be so, so commonplace to happen). THe next morning I was irritable, anxious...on theory is that the insulin response kicked off the sympathetic nervous system/fight or flight...messing up my hormones for the while after.

        I'm not kidding, this happens. It actually is written about in Primal mind, primal body...I think that was the name of the book. Anyway...staying away from grains, sweets, etc. I feel so much better and even on this way of life.
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