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Whole Foods' "Health Starts Here" Campaign

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  • Whole Foods' "Health Starts Here" Campaign

    Someone I follow on Twitter commented today on this new movement by Whole Foods (the president of which, as you know, recently weighed in on the health care debate), which promotes a low fat diet and discourages the consumption of animal products. The push even goes so far as to place copies of "The China Study" at the checkout.

    Imagine the uninformed shopper: "Wow, this grassfed steak looks GREAT!" *picks up pamphlet* "Wait, should I even BUY this great looking grassfed steak?"

    It seems a bit hypocritical to be discouraging the consumption of the very animal products that Whole Foods sells.

    When it comes to organic, I keep hearing The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" in my head. You know, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

    This just pisses me off. Sorry to be blunt.

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    There isn't a Whole Foods in my town, but the stories from their camp lately are disturbing. Last week they offered discounts to their employees based on blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol levels, etc. So if were a well muscled guy on Primal, I'd fail 2 of those 3 tests since my good cholesterol would be up and my BMI might even show me as obese since it doesn't take into account bodyfat comp.

    The notion of offering discounts on employee health is noble and awesome, but it fails to take into account what really counts and resorts to CW. Sad.


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      And towards the end is a comment from Mark Sisson. The contact email for Whole Foods is there, fire off a little note in support of Primal/Paleo Nutrition. I did last week, and got an email back (detailed) so they are reading them!


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        Ok, hear me out (deep breath). I am a former vegan and I have been a member of Dr. Fuhrman's website for 3 years.

        I know Whole Foods is working with Dr. Fuhrman who has great (documented) success with reversing heart disease (as well as diabetes, auto immune conditions, etc) with a vegan diet. The key? Usually little to no grains at all. The sickest are discouraged from eating grains ever (potatoes as well), and the fat on the diet is actually moderate (about 30%). They eat fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds, and yes, beans. I think the average citizen avoiding grains is likely a good thing.

        This really isn't your average, low fat, grain based vegan diet. The only real difference is we eat meat and dairy instead of beans. It is one reason I find this way of eating so close to my former (attempted) diet.

        Dr. Fuhrmans recommendations for the healthiest meal is a BAS.

        Having said all of that, meat is delicious and healthy and those people be crazay.



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          I also forgot to add, on his forum he frequently recommends animal products (mostly eggs and chicken) for athletes or people who are underweight.

          I think Whole Foods is being overly dogmatic and propagandazoid about his recommendations.