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  • Salt Cravings

    OK so I have been primal since October and loving it. Recently there have been two times where I have had salt cravings. Not cravings for chips or anything just for the salt. I do season my food but from time to time the craving rises.
    Has anyone one else experienced this? Other than getting a salt block is there anything I can do other than buying a salt block?
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    That's unusual because a meat centered diet is pretty high in sodium without adding extra. I found myself more or less deficient in Potassium while Paleo. Did you do something that had a diuretic effect on your body? or ingest/pass a lot of fluids? or exercise/sweat a lot that could have caused a temporary imbalance? Generally when I have a craving I figure it is my body saying it needs something and I indulge.


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      Generally salt cravings can be caused by many things: dehydration, excessive sweating, adrenal fatigue, and/or depression. Knowing what to do about it depends on what is causing it, so do some forensic investigation on what else is going on in the time frame preceding it.
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        I crave salt~ especially in the summer~ I supplement with unprocessed sea salt at the rate of t. salt per liter of water (you must drink the water) Also helps to regulate perspiration~ just enough for cooling, not enough for the dripping wet that depletes electrolytes!


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          If it's dehydration, I'd try adding some fresh lemon juice and a pinch or two of celtic sea salt to your water. If that doesn't help, it's probably something other than dehydration. Maybe meet with a holistic nutritionist to try and figure it out.
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            Salt represents mineral dense sources of food to your body. But it seems hard to believe your going short of mineral dense food if you are primal.

            Drink more, and don't be afraid of salt, it's not as bad as CW makes it out to be. Use good quality sea salt.

            Also you could try vinegars, or pickeled foods to tackle the cravings

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              Yeah I was gonna suggest sauerkraut or pickles...Bubbie's makes really good versions of both
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                Thanks for that. No depression etc so I assume it is related to dehydration. I do drink a lot of water and I think I will add pickles etc to help.
                Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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                  Last week I couldn't get enough salt. It was just past that time I came down with a cold. I think perhaps my body knew I was sick before I knew I was sick, and the salt was my body trying to do something about it.