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CBS 60 Minutes - The Flavorists - Creating Cravings

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  • CBS 60 Minutes - The Flavorists - Creating Cravings

    Interesting, and disgusting in equal doses.

    CBS 60 Minutes - The Flavorists - Creating Cravings... - YouTube
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    Not surprised. I read a book called The End Of Overeating and it talks about companies that come up with foods to make the consumers want it more and more. The best way to do that is to combine fat, sugar and salt. They do want you do become addicted to the foods, then that way, you keep coming back for it more and more.

    Thanks for sharing! : )


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      I saw that on TV. So gross! When they made that flavoring (I think it was chicken flavor) that was like a crusty brown stuff. Ew. Totally made me never want to eat any industrial food ever again.
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        I think its more of we overeat these over-processed 'flavored' food that contains fat-salt-sugar but none of the nutrients our body needs from it so we keep on eating more and more of it. We become always hungry because our body's are always under-nourished from such junk labeled as food. I can't believe I grew up on all that crap.


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          This isn't exactly related but I've noticed the same thing with my dog and processed dog food... when we feed him raw (which we do at home) he sniffs it and licks it and picks it up and walks over to the tree and sort of slowly eats his big chunk of meat. But if he is ever given kibble (at someone's house) oh my gosh... its insane - the food is gone in one swallow. All I can think is that there are so many flavor additives in there that the tastiness is elevated way beyond what is "normal".


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            And now they are selling the stuff, straight to the consumer to use...

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