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  • Intermittent Fasting?

    Hey, im a 15 yr old male, and i want to know if this is considered "intermittent fasting"
    I eat dinner every night around 7 oclock, and i skip breakfast the next morning around 6:30 [thats like 11 hours of non eating] Then at school i get a Sandwich that has Turkey breast, lettuce, and tomato on it. BUT i take the bread off, and end up with like 2oz turkey breast, a little lettuce and like 2 slices of tomato. So its not a lunch after all, lol, but ill have a SMALL apple with that too, around 11oclock. Then, i come home at school at 2:30 PM [so its been about 18 hours since ive had any REAL food] and then i pretty much am starving, and stuff my face with foods[chicken, tuna, etc.] so i only give myself maybe a 5 hour window of eating [2:30-7:30] and then i dont eat until mid day, next day. Is this a form of intermittent fasting, and possibly a reason why im not gaining any weight?!


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    Hey Naplidon! Sorry to say but this is not intermittent fasting. You are breaking your fast with the turkey/lettuce/tomato dealio. When it comes to intermittent fasting anything more than maybe a T of cream in your morning coffee is considered a broken fast and does not really give all of the benefits. You are probably not gaining weight because a.) it sounds like you're serious about the primal diet and therefore eating foods that don't inhibit easy weight gain unless you eat well over maintenance calories and b.) although you aren't doing a true fast, only giving yourself 6 or so hours to eat per day is a way to easily keep the overall number of calories in check. I don't know if you are interested in fasting for weight loss or if you just want to know if your daily routine is already considered fasting but I don't think you should worry about trying fasting out at your age. I don't think fasting would do any harm but giving your body a steady stream of nutrients and energy is beneficial during this time in your life. However, if you really want to give fasting a try, I would recommend eating a large amount of food as your last meal (around 7) and not eating again the next day until you get home. You would obviously need to eat a lot during this period to keep you satiated for 18 hours (huge amounts or fat + protein + veg) , and PLEASE if you start to feel overwhelmingly lethargic or hungry, eat!


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      I wouldn't stress over whether or not it's considered intermittent fasting. That label is meaningless compared to how well your diet actually suits your goals. If you are trying and failing to gain weight, eat more. You can do it in the timeframe you described or with a more traditional meal pattern, just pack down the food and lift weights.