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  • Seen at my grocery store

    So last night as I'm picking up coconut milk, locally canned cabbage, local pickles, and green tea, I noticed an interesting item in the impulse buy rack at the register:
    Primal Strips<sup></sup> - Flavor Details - Primal Strips - Meatless Vegan Jerky - Primal Spirit Foods - Home of the Primal People

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    The "stuff" is filled with wheat, soy and there such a thing as vegan primal?


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      Primal? isn't that false advertizing? Tofu jerky


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        The first time I saw these at my natural grocers around the corner I was super excited, until I read the packaging. It was totally stuck in with the normal meat jerky, TOTAL let down
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          I used to eat those all the time when I was vegan. Tasty, but the ones I liked best were 99% gluten (that's what "seitan" is). Some other ones were 99% soy instead. Overall BAD.
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            I had the same series of reactions as Meadow. I saw them in the snack isle, thought "SWEET, Primal snack food!! " and then my hopes were dashed. Gross. Thank God I'm a label reader now or I would have gotten all the way through the checkout before spotting the "vegan" part. Hell, I'd be better off eating a candy bar - chocolate doesn't contain gluten.

            Primal Vegan? Oxymoron?
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