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Making Lunch for Kindergartener

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  • Making Lunch for Kindergartener

    We are in the process of going primal and we are doing quite well except for my Daughter's lunch. I don't let her eat the school lunches but I cannot figure out what to replace the old stand by of PB & J with. (In my defense, it's actually either almond or sunflower seed butter and organic jelly). Help! What is something quick, easy and kid friendly??

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    Right now my five year old is obsessed with a bowl of boiled shredded turkey and a little salt with some sort of chopped up fruit on the side.

    She also loves cold shrimp.

    You can stick things like these in a tupperware.


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      I don't send nuts because DD's school is nut free and she doesn't eat many foods that most kids would. So I send stuff like this:

      Rolled up meat on picks.
      Cheese cubes.
      Not the healthiest but my DD who is 6 loves them - mini hotdogs with a bit of mustard for dipping
      Sliced up left over sausage (with mustard)
      Carrot sticks/fruit salad/etc to balance the protein.
      Chicken drumstick (I wrap the end with a bit of foil so she can hold it without making a mess)
      Pulled pork.
      Left over soups/stews or other warm foods in a mini thermos.

      My DD gets a snack in addition to her lunch so I send a sliced up apple with a wedge of cheese and a square of dark chocolate. She adores it.

      Google bento lunches to get ideas.


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        There are tons of good ideas on this site. Search for primal and kids or look through to find a good thread. Kids that have been eating SAD for a few years can be tricky to primalize, but just make one good choice at a time and before you know it, it is much easier. I send my almost 4 yr old a cheese stick, lunch meat or a hot dog from US Wellness meats (unprocessed), some fruit or a yogurt. I don't send veges as he wont eat them and there's no point in wasting them (we work on veges at home, but that's our weak point). Sometimes he gets treats like primal cookies (made w/ almond flour) or a larabar.


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          Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary: lunchboxes
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            My kid has very simple tastes. Right now, she is in dayhome (the source of angst for me, but we really have no choice) and only has snack at school (afternoon K).
            Snack: I pack leftover cubed meat, cheese or boiled eggs with chopped fresh vegetables or fruit.
            Dayhome: Because the food is crap, I pack a 4 cup of chopped veggies, and instruct the dayhome to give her that instead of bread with jam and similar 'healthy' foods.

            I can't wait till it is 'lunch at school' next year, so she will be just like other kids, pulling her food out of her lunch box. Then she gets the same deal as my husband: leftover meat, cheese, eggs and vegetables.

            I just ordered dehydrator, so veggie crackers, here we come!!!
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              one of dd's and ds' favourite lunches is salami and cream cheese rolled up! heck both kids will eat salami if its out! we go through about 2 sticks of salami/week for a family of 4, celery w/cream cheese, celery w/macadamia nut butter (or peanut butter - I count that as my kids 20%), roast beef, chicken wings/drumsticks, broccoli, kale/collards (my kids dig their kale and collards!), fruit. carrot sticks,
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