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Under 100 carbs, what to eat?

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    Have you read the site or the book, iniQuity? Read up on fats and meat. Look through the definitive guides. There's plenty of stuff on MDA that would address your qualms.


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      Hi iniQuity,

      I would like to start by saying that BMI is just a old idea that should've gone extinct, but didn't. Why it is still being used to this day by "professionals" is because it sounds fancy to regular folks and anyone can calculate it.

      As far as uncertainties regarding fat, it can make it easier for you to understand where a lot of the misinformation comes from, which is a doctored, poorly conducted study which, had no data been discarded, would not even have showed a correlation between high fat intake and cardio-vascular disease, let alone a causality link. *takes breathe*


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        I haven't read the book (yet) but I've read through most of the definitive guides, though I will do so again. Okay, I just ate this:

        Chicken (one breast, one thing, though both relatively small) with skin, sauteed with..

        -fistful of kale

        -fistful of broccoli

        -2 garlic cloves

        -5 black olives (no real reason for the number, just didn't want too many)

        -one red pepper

        I used evoo and coconut milk (just got some tonight) and I had an avocado with it. Very nice and filling, going to go pick up the girlfriend and get some tea now... I think I definitely had good fats in this meal right? I used quite a bit of coconut milk, which did a nice fizzle as I added it, made me feel important... Like I know what I'm doing in the kitchen!

        I don't have time to put that stuff into right now but I will soon just out of curiosity. Maybe I'm just over thinking everything right now because I did lift and did sprints today so if I go a little over carb it won't set me back too much. I want to be low carb but I LOVE my veggies, if there's not some green on my plate I don't feel it's a "complete" meal... sucks that I can't be too low carb I guess but I should still see results eventually.

        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.