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Those who are dairy-sensitive: does this happen with goat and sheep milk?

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  • Those who are dairy-sensitive: does this happen with goat and sheep milk?

    Those who are sensitive to cow casein - do you find the same is true for goat and sheep milk? Just curious because I really do miss dairy Plus goat cheese is my favorite XD
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    Id love to know this too.


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      I think it is different for everyone and you'll only know if you try it.

      3 of my children were CMPI and had the same reaction to goats' and sheeps' milk products as cows'.


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        I'm OK with goats/sheeps dairy but not cow's. The higher the casein content of cow's dairy, the greater my reaction.

        It's common to confuse casein intolerance with intolerance to yeast or mold in fermented dairy, or high histamine content. Therefore it's important to try different types of fresh and fermented. I have an intolerance to cow's casein, high yeast/mold content and am also histamine intolerant. It's believed that histamine intolerance is massively under-diagnosed.

        I eat a lot of high-fat soft goat's cheese and goat's butter with no discernible reaction and can even tolerate goat's cheddar now and again.
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          I've never had anything made with sheep milk, but I have no bad reaction to goat milk products at all. (Cow milk gives me gas and bad skin.)


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            I'm intolerant to cow's milk casein and tested the waters with both goat and sheep milk products. I reacted badly to goat but seem to tolerate sheep milk products ok. I need to try more varieties of the sheep's milk cheese to be sure. Damn, I miss cheese!

            Anyway, it's definitely a personal thing. Test out both and see what happens!

            BTW, I also tested out raw milk cheese. Didn't work...