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    Greetings Primal Community!

    This is my first post, and it's a bit of a doozy because I have A TON of questions for all you lovely people online. To get started, I just want to give you a background on where I am currently on my primal journey and some things I am working with at the moment.

    First, I have been eating primal for over 2 years now. I was able to get my body weight down to 120 pounds until I became violently ill during the spring of 2011 (long story, but I was hospitalized and it was not fun).

    I had placed on some weight and got up to 133 pounds. I had to work with a trainer and nutritionist to ease, and I mean SLOWLY EASE my way back into exercising which took nearly 6 months after I got out of the hospital. i maintained a fairly Primal diet at that point with the exceptions being over the holidays.

    My last weight in was 127.5. Considering I only gained about 7.5 pounds in the past year is miraculous to me, and much of that is due to inactivity once I got out of the hospital.

    I was given clearance just a few months ago to begin my long awaited kettle bell work outs. I worked my way up to training 4 to 5 times a day with significant heavy weights, and I am so thankful I have reached this point again in my life. I even was fortunate enough to find an RKC certified trainer in my area, and she has really worked to rehab my conditioning back. However, with some mild weight loss to "tighten up" now, I am asking for some advice. I am going for what I am calling "optimal leanness" at this point.

    I was pretty fit before I got sick, but my diet was really "blah" to say the least. I was lacking in energy and was eating slightly higher processed food. I cut all of that out and am now eating nearly a 100% organic diet, but I am confused about this whole fat/protein thing.

    Which brings me to my first question. With the little amount of weight I have to lose (and it is small all things considered) what would you all think about my protein and fat intake. I should mention I am a 5'3.5'' (and yes, I'm rocking that 1/2 inch!). I am getting adequate walking and I probably get the recommended 2 hours (probably closer to 3) of low level cardio as I walk everywhere around the city of Pittsburgh. Plus, I am training with my RKC work outs 4 to 5 times a week. It's heavy metabolic conditioning so I do maximum sets for short durations and minimal rest. But, where do I go with fat and protein here?

    Also, carbohydrate content. Where does that stand? Mark says 50-100 for fat loss, but do I need to hit ketosis a la Atkins style (20 a day for two weeks) to bust my plateau, or should I just stay around 50-100 range to maintain my work outs since they are demanding?

    I did a fit day breakdown of my macro nutrients today. So here is where I clock in:

    fats: 48%- total of 76.1 grams
    carbohydrates: 30%-total of 112.5 grams
    protein:-23%- total of 81.6 grams

    I hope I have detailed this enough. One last note, while I stated that my work outs with my RKC trainer are demanding, they last anywhere between 30-45 minutes tops. My classes run an entire hour, but there is about 15 minutes of stretching before and after each work out. Any and ALL information is helpful at this point.

    Thanks Primal Eaters! MANGIA!

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    OH! And not sure if this matters but I did get to create a bit of a caloric deficit. As of today, my total caloric intake was 1409.12 according to

    Sorry about that! Just adding that last bit of information for you all!