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Transitioning Children to PB-hurdles WWYD?

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  • Transitioning Children to PB-hurdles WWYD?

    So I have just started transitioning my children (almost 5 and 3) to Primal. I have run into a few hurdles and would like some feedback. My son (3) has terrible eczema all over and I feel that removing grains might help relieve his symptoms, however he goes to daycare 2 days a week and at daycare all the children sit down to a meal, the same meal, together. The meals are all sugar free and nutritionally quite good however there is a govt guideline about them needing bread, I've chatted with the chef and all the kids line up for their bread after their lunch and she was saying that he will be really upset without his bread. The centre is nut free so I can't make up something he will eat as a substitute so I went and bought a gluten free loaf of bread made from Quinoa and Tapioca for them to give him as a substitute, I also got them some quinoa and tapioca pasta for now. Are my efforts pointless when he is eating this? My thinking is that after 30 days off all wheat etc I can try and reintroduce rice into his diet just for daycare. WWYD?
    Also my DD is really sugar sensitive and has a massive meltdown after eating anything with sugar (inc grain) I have noticed her skin all over her body is that rough chicken skin, I remember reading some threads where people mentioned what that was, can someone link me as I'd love to research it and fix this for her too? TIA

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    The gluten free loaf is a good start, I think keeping grains away at home will make a big improvement. As he gets older he will probably start to refuse the bread himself, and they can't make him eat it.
    Not sure on the skin specifically for your DD, but I think getting her primal too, will make a big change


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      Huckie, it sounds like you are doing the best you can in the circumstances. It is school hols there at the moment - do they have a break from nursery? If so has his condition improved from being at home? I'm thinking about whether there might be environmental issues especially since both your children have skin conditions.
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        it sounds like you're doing the best you can. they might not be fully primal but they certainly don'y eat CW junk like other kids.
        I am trying to feed my daughter primal too. Luckily she loves fruit and vegetables, but I struggle with protein. She is allergic to chicken (gets eczema) and doesn't like beef. One time I managed to get her to eat some roast beef with ketchup. She used to not eat eggs, now every once in a while she would eat the yolk of a boiled eggs or some scrambled eggs. She likes bacon and every once in a while would eat some ham and we took some of our grass fed beef to a place where they custom make stuff and made some summer sausage for her (she likes it but I don't want to give it to her too often because they do put a nitrate in it; I wish I would know a DIY recipe for summer sausage that doesn't contain that stuff). So in days when I can get any protein into her I do give her things like full fat yo baby yogurt (which has som sugar added) or I make humus at home because she loves that with vegetables. I'm just hoping she will learn to like meat and eat what we eat, I tried meatballs, gingerman shaped meatloaf, or other funny shaped meat stuff(I thought they would be easier to chew than steak) but no luck. Heck , she doesn't even likes berries with home made cool whip. she would eat the fruit but not the whip. Getting enough fat and protein into her it's a huge struggle.


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          The only thing that completely banished by daughter's eczema was the GAPS diet and 1.5 trillion probiotics a day. Now, she is fine eating Primal / PHD at home and gluten-free when at restaurants and friends. She loves not having eczema anymore. :-)


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            I get eczema from grains~ the worst, from wheat, but I also react to rye and corn. No. I don't think you're efforts are pointless~