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How many calories ARE you actually taking in?

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  • How many calories ARE you actually taking in?

    I know, it's not all about calories.

    I should start by saying I pay attention to my macros. I aim for over 50% of my calories to come from fat, about 80 grams of protein and to have my carbs under 100. Thus far, that has meant that I'm averaging about 1700 calories a day just doing that. I'm 5'5.5", 30 years old and I currently weigh 159. I figure that as long as I'm burning more than I apparently need then I'm in good shape and I can be more aggressive with that as I find the will to do it.

    Just curious about where everyone else is landing. Especially the ladies! I think it's important for me to continue to fine tune as the pounds slowly come off.

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    How many?

    --No clue. I don't even try to count. It's just not a way I like to track my eating and it has not seemed necessary, either. I think some days I might be about 1000 and other days I probably consume upwards of 3000. ((That's just me guessing. It all depends on how hungry I am and how much pure fat in cream, butter, coconut oil, fish capsules, avocado, macadamias, unskimmed bone broth etc.. that I end up eating.))

    For me I think it's mostly about
    --avoiding sugary stuff (I do not do grains/legumes so not even a question, rare instances of sushi rice, OK)
    --fasting at times when it happens pretty naturally (I do like Lean Gain's 16/8 or 17/7 and I don't worry about when I might be active--I am not hardcore like that!)
    --getting enough Vit D3 and omega 3's
    --staying mildly active based on my personal motivations--no schedule--and not overdoing the high intensity stuff

    It really seems to work. I have made some great gains in the past two weeks being a bit more careful about things. I love it and still no calorie estimates or counting whatsoever.

    I am 5'4" and currently 123 pounds with a tad bit of fat I would like to lose... I'm pretty ketogenic at the moment, so hoping this most recent stretch will help me progress a bit further as I try to get to my lowest point yet (from 145#ish one year ago).

    I am all for INTUITIVE COOKING, EATING, PLAYING/ACTIVITY. I just listen to my body and go from there. Good luck with your journey. I am sure you'll see improvements. Mine have not been linear and I have plateaued a lot, but I also go through phases and that's just fine by me.


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      Ahh, well, since I started the low reward food experiment on Sunday, I am taking in less than 1,000. I can't possibly eat more, I am stuffed with the coconut oil coffee, two boiled eggs, two bowls of unseasoned, high veg, high protein soup per day. I did have a few drinks last night and a sugar-free frankenshake the other day. That seems low-cal, even for me, but I'm only 5'3, small-boned, 120lbs (four pounds down from last week). I don't feel hungry AT ALL, just crave the spicy, hotness of food. I have a fairly active librarian job with lots of heavy lifting, squatting, and standing/walking.


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        I'm carb/calorie cycling, so 6 days of the week, I get around 1200-1500, and one day I get 2000-2300. I've found that doing this has prevented my body from adapting to lower calorie days, thereby lowering the amount of calories required for maintenance. I'm a 5'3 lady, btw.


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          I aim for 1,400. Until I see what happens eating 1,400 cals a day I can't tell you if it's working for me. I'm a 24yo female, I weigh 220 lbs, about 5'6"
          I haven't really lost weight going primal even though I'm tons healthier. I'm trying to decrease my calories becuase I'm already eating really clean and keeping my carbs low so my lack of weight loss must be attributed to too many calories.
          I'm not as active as I'd like and sit at a desk all day.
          I just recently started tracking so we will see how it goes.


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            I did track today just for fun and I got:
            1,850 calories
            30g Carbs
            134g fat
            112g protein


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              But I don't care normally, I eat to hunger, and its generally 2 meals a day. (with 1-2 bulletproof coffees)


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                I'm navigating by hunger as well--and, as a former carb junkie, I'm still marveling that it can be that simple once you get your endocrine system back on track. But I've been curious about CI/CO, so I've just tracked several days' diet and activity on fitday. At my size and given the amount of walking/hiking I do, I burn something like 3500-3800 kcal daily. I've found that I'm satisfied with anywhere from 2200-2800 kcal intake, of which 66% is fat, 20% is protein and 14% is carbs. The rest comes out of 'storage' least, that's what the scale is telling me.
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                  I'm 5' 6.5" and weigh 177 (goal 135). I am aiming for 80 g of protein per day, 50% of calories from fat, and carbs between 50 and 100.

                  I don't count calories every day, but maybe 3 or 4 days a week, just so I can see where the numbers fall. I've been doing Primal for 3 1/2 weeks now and averaging about 1600 - 1700 calories. That seems to work for me. A nice balance between being full from all the protein, fat and veggies and not overdoing it i.e. no snacking.... 3 meals a day with good protein at each meal.

                  I hope to be able to stop counting calories sometime soon... but for now... I need to track to see how this is all working.

                  I lost 3 lbs last week....

                  3 days a week I do a 1-hour moderately paced walk on the treadmill at the gym.
                  3 days a week I do a moderate weight workout to a Cathe Friedrich DVD at home (dumbbells and barbells)
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                    I'm 6'1, 165 lbs and I don't track calories anymore. When I first started eating primal I tracked on fit day to see where I was ending up, and was right around 2,000 per day. 60% from fat, about 75 g carbs, 140 g protein. I was around 185 when I started, and it's been about 6 months.


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                      Currently I'm taking in about 3000 calories but I'm lean bulking at the moment. I calculated my calories from | The Best Calorie Calculator and I was quite impressed at how lean I stayed during this bulk(under 10% bodyfat).


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                        1200-1400 a day

                        Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                          Grok didn't count calories. He didn't even know what they were.


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                            I'm in a very different situation than you- I'm a man focused on strength and health very slowly leaning out the last little bit as a tertiary goal.

                            My calories are determined by where I am in my lifting recovery cycle- about 4-6k on the higher days and 2-3k on the lower days.
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                              [QUOTE=Rasputina;677379] two bowls of unseasoned, high veg, high protein soup per day. [QUOTE]

                              Hi Rasputina _ i'm very interested in your soup, sounds like a good way to fill up without much effort_how do you make it?