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    I'm a newbie on the site, but I'm not very new to paleolithic eating. I first tried it in the summer thanks to my brother, and have been keeping a Paleo way of eating since then. Admittedly, I've gotten off track a few times, but I am still very happy with my progress on how much I have changed my habits when it comes to the foods I eat and the choices I make.

    I've recently started reading many of the articles posted on the site, but this is stuff I had already heard about because I am well aware of many of the concepts for following the Paleo lifestyle. Being a Physical Education student, however, I find myself very often having to explain to my peers why I eat the way I do, and I still have so much trouble getting through to people who are so close-minded when it comes to the foods they have been taught to eat.

    Sadly, I know that it will not be easy to make them understand why it is that I choose to eat this way. However, I do have some of my own questions. Since I started Paleo, I've completely cut out grains out of my diet, for very clear reasons, and have replaced them by nutrient-filled fruits and vegetables. My only concern is that I often find myself having very small mounts of carbs compared to the amount of protein I am eating, and sometimes I skip the carbs all together and just have protein. I know that Paleolithic eating focuses on a low-carb diet, but isn't it bad if there isn't a balance between my carbs, proteins, and fats? Is it bad if I have too much protein? (Asking this sounds a little ridiculous, but I can't help but wonder...)


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    Better question how big a plate of vegetables do you eat each day?
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      I still eat many vegetables throughout the day, and usually not more than 2 portions of fruit. But overall, I still eat much more protein than anything else...that's why I'm asking this question.


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        eat more fat


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          What balance? Equal amounts? That's crazy. What would the balance be if you really were a paleolithic person? Months without any veggies and fruits at all most-likely. Now go eat your liver.
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            Wonderful, thank you