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  • nutrition calculator for recipes

    I've always done a lot of my own cooking, and create my own recipes. Also, sometimes I encounter a recipe in a blog, but the nutritional information isn't always posted. Is there a recipe calculator someone can recommend, where I can type ingredients and amounts in, and know how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories are in my recipe? I found a few on-line via search, but when I typed in "almond flour" that wasn't an option. Surely someone has created one for the paleo/primal/gluten-free community?


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    It's not set up for primal/paleo, however myfitnesspal has one of the best food databases and is very easy to use. There is an option called "my meals" in it where you can create a recipe. It's online and available as an app for smart phones. You do have to sign up, but it's not like some where you get bombarded by emails and crap. I've never received any spam or anything from them.

    I wouldn't recommend the forum or other support functions in it - very CW. And when you put in your stats and goals, it will auto generate your suggested carbs/fat/protein based on USDA reqs, but you can change them using "custom" and input the percentages to reflect where you want to be.


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      i don't calculate nutrition


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        I use CRON-o-Meter now and it's great for recipes. There is even a section for comments.

        CRON-o-Meter is best as a desktop application IMO but it does have a web version that is somewhat new.
        On the desktop version there are no adds and it is very streamlined. Also, it calculates everything imaginable including omega 3 and omega 6 which is quite helpful. You can also change the RDA of all nutrients to be what you want them to be, I like that.
        I've used fitday and sparkpeople but not myfitnesspal.


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          I second myfitnesspal. The database is HUGE so when you put in ingredients by brand name I tend to always find it.


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            Thanks, I will try those suggestions. I'd just like a ball-park estimate of carbs vs. protein in a recipe now that I'm cooking with less familiar ingredients. I haven't gone completely primal, but I'm edging there--have some food sensitivities that make primal/paleo recipes challenging. Definitely closer to how I should eat to lose weight than anything else I've found.