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Kelp noodles, a good alternative ?

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  • Kelp noodles, a good alternative ?

    My husband won't stop ragging me about pizza and spaghetti. He has crohn's disease so everything wheat is out!
    I just ordered 10 packages of kelp noodles, are those okay to eat in moderation? It has a ton of iodine, no? Don't want to overdo it.

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    I don't know about the iodine content, but I imagine it's like anything else, don't go crazy on it and you'll be fine.

    On another note, I love me some kelp noodles. Spaghetti squash just did not work for me and I missed the mouth feel of noodles. I ordered a box of twelve packages from Sea tangle. There is one weird thing about them, or at least the brand I use. Boiling water does not make them pliable, but anything acidic will. So if you're adding it to a tomato sauce, no problem. Otherwise just add some vinegar(or lime juice) to the boiling water.

    Not that you actually need to boil them, they're edible right out of the package, but have a odd texture(to me). Not hard like pasta, but sort of crunchy(for lack of a better word)? I can't really describe it. But delicious nonetheless.
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      Originally posted by Issabeau View Post
      My husband won't stop ragging me about pizza and spaghetti. He has crohn's disease so everything wheat is out!
      I just ordered 10 packages of kelp noodles, are those okay to eat in moderation? It has a ton of iodine, no? Don't want to overdo it.
      You need all the iodine you can get from foods! The USA is suffering an epidemic of hypothryroid disease caused by an iodine deficiency. This is caused by bromide used in flour, city water treated with fluoride, and iodized salt not being used on packaged foods. Packaged foods are loaded with salt, but NOT iodized salt. The orientals eat up to 15 grams of iodine daily in their seafoods and Americans are getting less than 100 mcg.

      Epidemic results in:
      Symptoms of hypothyroidism generally become more obvious as the condition worsens. Common symptoms include:

      * Fatigue
      * Depression
      * Modest weight gain
      * Cold intolerance
      * Excessive sleepiness
      * Dry, coarse hair
      * Constipation
      * Dry skin
      * Muscle cramps
      * Increased cholesterol levels
      * Decreased concentration
      * Vague aches and pains
      * Swelling of the legs

      As the disease becomes more severe, there may be puffiness around the eyes, a slowing of the heart rate, a drop in body temperature and heart failure. In its most profound form, severe hypothyroidism may lead to a life-threatening coma. This condition requires hospitalization and immediate treatment with thyroid hormones given by injection. If left untreated, hypothyroidism can lead to an enlarged heart, worsening heart failure and an accumulation of fluid around the lungs.

      MANY thanks for bringing up the idea of Kelp Noodles. I just ordered Kelp supplement capsules and now I will also order the kelp noodles.

      Where can I get the best price? They seem to be expensive. The best price I could find was $3.09 for a 12 oz pack at
      Note $5 discount code RIZ038

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        Hey everyone, I love love love kelp. So much that I impulsively bought these weird kelp noodles. They're totally primal, with net 0 carbs. I can't.
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        Originally posted by tfarny
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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          I often use kelp noodles when the family is having spaghetti. I don't eat grain noodles, but I love the meaty sauce. The noodles come right out of the bag, rinsed, shaken of their excess water and thrown into a bowl . . . followed by a generous helping of sauce - then I dig in.

          The acid from the tomatoes rapidly softens the noodles and makes them just like regular pasta. SO GOOD!


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            Ah sweet, thanks guys and gals.
            Looking forward to my package now


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              You are a SWEETHEART for bringing this subject up. We have been looking for something to replace wheat noodles for over 2 years, and this is IDEAL. Get our grain free noodles and a natural iodine supplement, too ! FANTASTIC kill 2 birds with one stone. I ordered a dozen packs from Iherb.



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                I just ate the kelp noodles with my dish and OMFG...they are awesome!!!
                I'm so glad I bought 10 boxes of them
                And husband likes them, too, so that's really good.

                And the minor crunchiness went away when the noodles were burried under my meat sauce. Dang i'm so happy, this opens up the possibility for new meals!


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                  Hmm, I'm going to have to try these. Good luck trying to get my wife on board, though.


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                    Originally posted by TitswcorthChrist
                    I don't know about the iodine content
                    The iodine really isn't a problem. People in many coastal areas eat kelp foods regularly, at least several times per week, with NO problems. Heck... I've eaten kelp several times a week here and there wit no issues... seaweed salad at the sushi bar, wakame in miso soup plus the kombu used to make the dashi for the miso soup = a double kelp whammy. NO problem... unless a person has a RARE specific diagnosed medical reason to avoid it, just like any other nutrient.
                    Dr. Terry Wahls, who sent her progressive stage 2 MS into remission with a high veg Paleo diet, recommends kelp once a week!
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                    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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                      Does anyone know if whole foods or trader joes sells them? I'd like to give them a try.
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                        Kelp is perfectly paleo - eat, enjoy!

                        "... needs more fish!"


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                          I'm very excited to try these. I ordered some from Amazon - a little more expensive, but free two day shipping for me as I have Prime.
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                            My favorite dish my whole life used tobe meat sauce on spaghetti noodles, rice or potatoes.
                            Since going primal I haven't made my favorite dish in 2 years!!! Because I don't eat those starchy staples anymore.
                            These kelp noodles have 0.1 gr of Carbs!!!!!! (they have to be listed as a whole number on Carb so it's rounded up to 1%.
                            Now I can enjoy my favorite dish with almost no awesome is that?


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                              Here is my BEST reference to be found on the subject of Iodine. This confirms what the Japanese get in Iodine from their seafoods.
                              Bottom line, 15 mg iodine a day from seafoods is ideal for health, by Dr. Michael B. Schachter:

                              PS) I got these noodles from iHerb for only $3 per 16 oz package with free shipping. Far less expensive than Amazon.
                              We have also tried them in our Turkey Stew. . . GREAT !

                              Issabeau, THANK YOU for starting this thread.