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Having a hard time being Primal

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  • Having a hard time being Primal

    Hi - I track my nutrition with myfitnesspal. I am TRYING to eat no more than 25 g of Carbs and 147 grams of protein and about 1000 calories. I seem to be under on my calories - WAY under on my protein and just a tiny bit over on my carbs...

    I am eating bacon and eggs in the morning - usually 2 of each
    Lunch I will have a huge salad with a chicken breast
    and for dinner - a piece of fish, some fresh green beans..
    snacks - blueberries or almonds or some very dark chocolate

    I had Gastric Bypass in 2009 and lost 82 pounds but in the past year since I went back to work - i have creeped on 14 pounds.

    I have lost 3.8 pounds since New Years but its really bothering me that I can't meet my nutrition goals.

    Can any other woman give me a sample of their diet and what they are eating each day to stay within goals?


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    Hmm...I think you can probably go up a bit on the carbs, unless you think that will stall weight loss. 50-100 is what Mark calls the sweet spot for weight loss. Or, if you are aiming for 25 grams and just going over, and feeling fine, I wouldn't worry about it.
    Can you eat more eggs, and increase your portion size of fish and meats? Is it hard to eat larger meals because of the surgery? Most days, I eat two meals. I eat 3-4 jumbo eggs most of the time for breakfast/lunch and 8-12 ounces of meat at night - which still sounds like more meat/eggs than you get in three meals.
    My True Primal Story


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      Organic everything from fruits to vegetables to tubers and heirlooms, seasonal, locally, mostly from co-ops, health food stores and farmer's markets...during winter our local Fred Meyer carries a large section of organic produce.

      Wild caught fish of any kind. Grassfed butter even if pasteurized (unsalted). Coconut oil, coconut cream.
      Grassfed/finished meat and organs. Bone broth made from animal bones who were grassfed/finished. Bone marrow. Elk, deer, bison, duck, geese, beef, pork, turkey, hen, chicken, lamb and goat. I make blood soups. I put raw bone marrow into my soup right when I'm ready to eat it. The only starch I eat is white rice about 1x every 2 weeks. Minerals I get from a geothermal well a few miles from here on an indian reservation (high mineral content, vulcanic soil). I take cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil, an enzyme supplement and Rose Hip (anti-oxidant supplement).

      During summer months only I buy raw goat's milk from a farmer that has pastured goats.

      I just had a blood test done and I have 0 deficiencies of any kind.

      Edit: I don't eat nuts, cheese, white potatoes, beans (not even green beans) or chocolate of any kind. I only drink 3 types of liquids 1. mineral water 2. raw goats milk during summer 3. bone broth
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