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Blood cholesterol results, should I worry?

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  • Blood cholesterol results, should I worry?

    Hey all, I know people ask this all the time, but I thought I'd put out my results.

    Suffice it to say, I was considered borderline back in May 2007, and my doc wanted me to start statins (I refused).

    Well, I decided to go full Primal+dairy back on Feb 1st 2009. (Actually dropped dairy just after the blood was drawn a month ago)

    Having heard all the success stories, I was kind of hoping to see lower LDL levels myself. I'm happy my HDL went up, and my TRI's went down, and that ratio seems very good.

    But the LDL increase seems a bit more than I expected.

    I Guess I'm just looking for feedback, whether I should be worried... Knowing what I know now, I really don't want to go back to my old ways.

    Here's a comparison, I think I converted the numbers correctly. Our labs use SI numbers up here.


    HDL: 1.07 (41.29)

    TG: 1.15 (101.86)

    LDL: 3.70 (143.07) calculated


    HDL: 1.23 (47.56)

    TG: 0.50 (44.28)

    LDL: 5.64 (218.09) calculated

    I don't think we can get VAP or real LDL tests done up here in Canada, could be wrong though. If any fellow canucks know if we can, please let me know.

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    When your triglycerides are that low, the calculated LDL becomes really inaccurate. Really go for the detailed test. You may be able to use this:

    The good news is that triglycerides that low usually indicate large, fluffy innocuous LDL, rather than small, dense, easily-oxidizable LDL - and your HDL::TG ratio is very good.


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      Do you have total cholesterol numbers? The Friedewald equation used to calculate LDL fails below a triglyceride number of 100mg/dL. Dr. Eades had a great post about this yesterday:

      The formula you can use to get the real number is:

      LDL = (total cholesterol/1.19 + triglycerides/1.9 - HDL/1.1) - 38


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        Im also about to get my cholesterol checked- out of curiosity (I eat anywhere from 6-12 whole eggs per day). I wonder what my numbers will come out like, but even if they are "bad", what the hell does that even mean? I'll post my numbers up here if and when I get it done.


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          I'm waiting on my next set of tests which will be interesting as I dropped my statin to see what occurs.

          Cardiologist William Davis' blog is worth perusing on the question of lipids

          AFAICR he aims for 60 - 60 - 60

          my last (statinised) lot were 55 - 94 - 62 (trigs were a bit high as non-fasting) with which my GP was well impressed.

          Off the record that is: on the record she's only supposed to do TChol and prescribe statins and a high carb low fat diet, but unofficially she reads a lot of the same stuff we do and agrees that LDL is overrated.

          First low carbing and then moving in a more Primal direction has decimated my trigs (literally) and doubled HDL so the fact my LDL also went up is non-damaging.

          Trigs/HDL is the crucial ratio relating both to insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk and needs to be under 3 (US numbers, 1.3 in UK numbers) so you got that beat!

          Mine has gone from over 15 to less than unity, a very good reason for hanging out here!

          When my GP rings the results through I'll feed them into the Iranian Formula, the LDL is calculated and this will recalculate it more accurately.