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few ideas needed from vetran pb'ers please!

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  • few ideas needed from vetran pb'ers please!


    I have just started eating primal over the last few weeks, which was recommended to me by some co-workers who have had it really made a difference in their lives. I have a few quick questions about what works best that I am hoping you vetrans can help me with. i've been reading through the forum posts but there are so many! Im on information overload right now

    I had a hyst last year and put a lot of weight on and have been unable to get my weight back on track despite what i thought ( by CW standards anyways ) was a healthy diet and exercise - but to no avail. I am feeling great already and am starting to come down in weight slightly, but I am wondering if there are any ideas to help boost weight loss. I have cut out sugars and 95% of my dairy ( still have the odd full fat sour cream on a fajita salad or feta cheese ) but only once in two weeks. I am having a hard time NOT counting calories, as I was told before I started this that I had to stay at 1200 calories to lose weight. ( im 5'3, 35 yrs old and 165 lbs ). I have been told to not count calories but Im trying to do the best I can as quickly as possible! Any ideas / suggestions from what has worked for you?

    My 2nd question is, my hubbie is going primal starting monday (yay ) and my 15 yr old son has just been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Unfortunately he needs to continue some gluten until his biopsy in 6-8 weeks, but we are already starting the prep work for future meals. I know potatoes are a 50/50 debate and thankfully Mark just posted a recent thread on it which helped a lot, but any meal ideas or tricks to feed a 15 yr old Celiac kid ( who doesnt like sweet potatoes, salad or veggies ) and his 13 yr old sister who also isnt a sweet potato fan and gluten tolerant. I find its taking a bit to get out of the mindset of having to have a "side" at every meal. We have made potatoes with olive oil and garlic grilled and he liked those, but needing something to go with the meat thats non-grain and not always potatos or salad.

    I apologize for this being so long, like I said I have been trying to read everything and am having a hard time of where to start with the family ( for me its easy ! ).

    Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions .. it is appreciated!


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    If you're looking to lose weight quickly, drop the dairy and fruit for awhile, and keep carbs under 50g. If that doesn't work, you may need to count calories for awhile, especially since your body is still getting used to being a fat burner.

    As to meals for your son, get him involved in the cooking. He'll be much more likely to try different things if he's helping with the planning/meal prep. If the kids don't like sweet potatoes, there's nothing wrong with skinless white potatoes-make french fries! Make things that have the veggies mixed in, so they're not as overpowering, or noticeable-things like stews, frittatas, soups, smoothies (you can throw leafy greens in without tasting them), curries, etc. But mainly, get them more involved in the process!
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      Have you tried oven roasted sweet potato chips with chilli powder on them? Parsnips might be another thing to try. Rice is not as bad as most grains and it may be a good transition for him while he develops his taste for real food.
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        Kale chips are a great snack too. My very picky nieces and nephews love them.
        Tear Kale leaves into chip sized pieces (without the stems and tough ribs), toss with a touch of olive oil and your choice of spices (I like sea salt, black pepper, and a little cayenne, or a little taco seasoning) spread the chips on to a baking sheet in a single layer, toss into an oven heated to 300 degrees, bake until they're dry and crisp (aprx 20 min). Snack away.
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          Kids are funny aren't they? I have 16 and 14 year old boys, one that eats just about all veg willingly, but hates broccoli, the other who loves broccoli and mashed potato and eats everything else only under extreme sufferance.

          As mentioned already, get them choosing meals and cooking meals or part thereof, give them options on the understanding that they MUST choose something. My boys like spicy things, and even the broccoli hater will eat a little bit in a spicy stir fry, or there is a bacon and broccoli salad in the PB Cookbook that goes down well too. Mine like all those warm salads that have lots of salad veg, sometimes noodles and thinly sliced tender meat/chicken etc on top. Chow mien always goes down well and ALL the veg get eaten, just tweak the ingredients to your requirements. Definitely 'hide' things in soups and stews, sometimes those long cooked really tender veg are easier to eat and digest. I used to make a lentil vegetable curry that the kids loved but I haven't tried to un-lentil it yet, maybe next week... Try veg sticks with dips.
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            I'd try different and new veggies and/or new ways to prepare them. Get your kids involved, with some trial and error I'm sure you'll be able to find things they like. I hated squash growing up until I learned there were other kinds besides butternut and it doesn't have to be boiled and mashed. Now i love squash, just not boiled mashed butternut.

            Try spaghetti squash topped with a meat sauce (or just some butter and garlic). If you've never made it before you just cut in in half length wise, remove the seeds and bake open side down on a baking sheet. When done rake the flesh out with a fork, it's stringy and resembles spaghetti.

            Farmers markets are great places to find new things to try.


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              Thanks everyone for the great suggestions.. I will definately try your dinner suggestions and having them help out is a great idea. I think i will make a few things and not tell them what it is until they eat it all

              Sounds like im on the right path for weight loss as I have even cut out fruits for now and have been ranging under 50 grams of carbs, with the odd day where im max 80 or so! I will keep up with what I'm doing and hopefully it keeps going.

              I see a lot of recommendations for macadamia nuts.. what is the view / take on almonds. I have a big bag of unsalted whole almonds that have become a staple for me ( maybe this is my problem heh ) but I find that a handful of almonds, esp after a workout makes me feel satisfied. I will usually have some for my afternoon snack at work. Im careful not to overdue it, but curious what the opinion is..

              ps.. we are going shopping tomorrow and macadamia nuts are on the list already


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                I get the dry roasted with sea salt Macadamia nuts at Costco when they are available. Which sadly is not always. Like this weekend. Bummer, I'm out and they are my go to emergency don't have time for lunch food.


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                  I'd suggest if you can to get into berries as snacks rather than nuts if you're trying to loose weight - nuts are so calorie dense that even a small handful adds up - if you have access to a freezer just grab a cup of berries as an afternoon snack and eat them frozen
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                    Nuts and cheese make weight loss harder. If you eat only meat, eggs and green veggies cooked in butter or coconut oil and only eat when hungry I guarantee you will see some weight loss. Maybe a little sweet potato too but not too much. Boring and temporary but it should work. I am same height, same starting weight, hysterectomy in 2005.
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