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Mark's Advanced Health Formula versus other multivitamins

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  • Mark's Advanced Health Formula versus other multivitamins


    I have a few questions regarding multivitamins for men in general, and also about Mark's Advanced Health Formula...
    I eat rather well (with sometimes a bit of slipping, but not often), exercise regularly, and am at my natural weight, so no obvious issues (as far as I can tell anyway, but all my blood markers are ok too)

    Does a multivitamin make sense at all under those conditions?

    Now on to the Advanced Health Formula, why is it so expensive, and is it worth the price?
    If I compare it to the Rainow Mens once daily (or whatever that is called) which seems to have good reviews here), that comes in at around 25$ for a 90 day supply, whereas the Advanced Health Formula is 45$ for 30 days (so 135$ for the same 90 days)... what is the advantage of Mark's formula, and is the price difference justified?

    thanks a lot,


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    Mark has realized that he can sell his supplements to a small percentage of his followers regardless of what he charges. He is a business man and is looking to make money. He probably manufactures and ships that $45 bottle of vitamins for a few dollars. He is just looking to maximize profits.


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      I do agree with that I guess... that's a bit what i thought as well

      but what about multis in general, useful if you are quite healthy (or feel so at least)?


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        The forum is pretty widespread on whether to use them or not. Personally, if your intake is well-rounded and generally on track, I see no reason why you should need to supplement unless you have some deficiency. If you can't get free-range and grass-fed/finished meat, you might look into Omega-3 supplements to ensure a good omega balance. When was the last time you had any blood work done? I think it's worth doing once you've been primal for some time to see if you're missing any important areas. I, for example, am very low in iron and am currently supplementing that and Vitamin D (always very low there).
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          Best supplement you can use, even if not deficient in Vit D, is cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. It just makes sense to keep A,D, E and K2 topped off for maximal bone and tooth health


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            I have my husband taking Source Naturals Men's Daily. It tested well in some test thingy they did (quality ingredients, well absorbed) and it's very affordable. I like the SN products. Some people don't like them because they're a large company, but in my experience they have great formulations and specialty supplements, they use quality ingredients, and they've got good R&D.

            I'd buy them from one of the online shops that sell them for half off.
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