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How to stop jumping on and off the wagon

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  • How to stop jumping on and off the wagon

    Over the holidays my 80/20 slowly turned upside down, now its more like 20/80.... or to be more accurate, one day its 100% on and then 100% off (BAD STUFF... pizza, bread, cookies, mcdonalds UGH!)... its a terrible rollercoaster of hunger, overeating, regret and pain! But I can't seem to stay on track. My wheels keep jumping the tracks.

    I don't know whats changed that I'm not sticking to it like I was. I was doing so well, and now I've gained back about 6 pounds of my most stubborn fat that took me like 6 months to lose!

    Any words of wisdom or a kick in the pants is most welcome! I need to recommit!!

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    Just kidding Kind of. Hey, at least you can come on here and admit this is what's going on. That's the first step to putting a stop to it. Is most of your eating related to "eating out" or have the nasty foods managed to get in your pantry too?

    1) Eliminate the crap in your house. THROW IT OUT. I don't care if that's a perfectly good half eaten bag of potato chips.
    2) Prepare primal lunches and dinners. Keep a cooler in your car if you have to. Avoid places, routes, and people who frequent fast food.
    3) Eat MORE and LOTS OF fat. Your hunger is likely sabotaging your efforts. If you're still hungry you need more fat. Have a steak with an avocado and slather it in butter. Fatty dairy really helps me through my humps.
    4) If you can, don't leave your house for a few days. Eat a lot of fat and primal foods. By avoiding the constant barrage of FOOD messages you can stabilize a little before you have to drive by that McDonalds again.

    These are my suggestions.. but most importantly?

    DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP. It happens to almost every body (and I highly suspect those who say they don't are lying) and berating yourself only creates a negative feedback loop. Think positive, forgive your transgressions and move forward from this point. You can't change the fact that you ate your weight in trans fat yesterday but you can change what you do after reading this post and every second afterward.

    Hope this helps. Hang in there! ^.^
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      ^GREAT advice!! I'd also recommend that once you get the junk out of your house, if you're going out and might pass a tempting restaurant/convenience store, make sure you don't have any money with you. Don't worry about calories until you feel you're back on track-just eat primal foods you enjoy until you're no longer hungry. And don't think of it as "falling off the wagon" just took a detour, it's less self-defeating and implies a choice you had control over, rather than something that happened to you.
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        You could stick a post-it note on your steering wheel saying something like "Is it really worth it? Do you really want to feel like crap?"

        Might work at least some of the time when you're jonesing for McDonald's or pizza.


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          I'd advise for your 20% to never, ever contain grain. Some people can't handle grain - it fuels addiction. Cheat with milkshakes, french fries, potato chips, whatever... Just commit to no grain, no matter what.

          Try that and see if it helps. Might make sticking to plan over the long haul much easier.

          Over the holidays I had a giant poutine (fries, cheese, gravy) twice, mashed potatoes to feed a small army, and lots of chocolate. While I didn't lose anything, it didn't derail me at all, and I was able to go clean primal after the holidays on schedule.
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            When I start to slide I find it helpful to be a little pro-active with my protein and fat. So to get back on track I will have a big high protein high fat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple days. Even if I am not really in the mood or hungry for it. It generally kills the cravings and it is much easier to resist convenience foods when you are not hungry.
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              Thank you VERY Much for your replies! I realize I have been trying to eat less fat and calories to try to "make up for" all the extra food. I will eat more fat and eat until satisfied for a while until I am solidly back on track. I CAN DO THIS!!!! THANK YOU!! Off to rid my pantry of any offending foods... (and not by eating it!!!)


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                Once I understood the science behind why i do what i do, i've had no problems staying on track.

                in the beginning, when all i understood was the weightloss, i'd become disengaged when the rapid weightloss ceased. now that i understand the science behind avoiding wheat, other grains, legumes, and most dairy, i don't find that i have any trouble consistently making good choices.

                knowing the rules is nice. knowing the reasoning behind the rules is essential.


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                  OK I have suggestions as well...

                  From a psychological perspective...
                  1) Learn to redirect your thoughts. I want you to think of your 3 most delicous primal meals.... Then think of a cupcake and say nah I'll have (insert one of your 3 fav primal meals/things here.) Practice that. Then next time you see one of those items... I want you to stop your thoughts in the track and think of your fav primal things again..
                  2) Learn to think about how the foods make you feel Once you've been on the wagon for awhile and you decide to have one of those non-primal items.. I want you to note how you feel. Or maybe you have already?? Good.. now when you see that item think eww I dont want to feel like X.. instead I have Y waiting for me at home. Is it really worth the pain? No.... There is plenty of yummy stuff I can eat that makes me feel GOOD!

                  Other then that, clean out your house, keep primal items with you, and PLAN PLAN PLAN! Now you know that slipperly slope is a problem for you so that means you'll have to be a lot more careful! The longer you stay away from that crap the easier it me!

                  Good luck!!
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                    Treat yourself to an awesome steak....get the taste for real food again.
                    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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                      Forget the wagon idea altogether. Dieting/letting loose, on/off track, being good/bad. I think it works for some people (ehh. Maybe. Giving CW the benefit of the doubt), but if you keep doing this, then you don't need a new bag of tricks, you need a paradigm shift.


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                        It's weird, I had the mindset, it wasn't a diet or a wagon to be on, it was a way of life, for a year and a half. I was maintaining awesome weigh losses and even creeping down. I don't know what happened to change it, which really freaks me out! I just want to get it back and stop this craziness!
                        Well today is day 2 and so far so good. I am going to eat awesome primal foods with lots of yummy fats today!


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                          Originally posted by GrokON View Post
                          I'd advise for your 20% to never, ever contain grain. Some people can't handle grain - it fuels addiction. Cheat with milkshakes, french fries, potato chips, whatever... Just commit to no grain, no matter what.
                          This has worked well for me. When I do have stuff I shouldn't (which I admit is more often than I'd like) it's more like dragging my foot and slowing or halting my progress rather than falling off and taking a detour. I eat too much sugar I know, but when it comes to grains I just say no...keeps my primal offenses much more limited.


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                            Hello, it's very important to me to stay Primal, because I get really sick if I cheat.

                            You'd think that vomiting and sharp pain would be enough to deter me from bad food, but I have fallen off the wagon many times! Here are some things that worked for me:
                            • Ask your family and friends not to offer you these kind of foods.
                            • Make sure you always have leftovers in the fridge.
                            • If you don't have a food log here on MarksDailyApple, start one. When you reach for bad food, you will think "Do I really want other people on the forum to see that I ate this?" It sure makes you think twice!
                            • If you fell off the wagon really bad, make a LOT of food for the week, that way you will have no excuse to eat something easy like spaghetti. How about beef stew, curry, meatballs, and hard boiled eggs?
                            • Wear a funky ring or bracelet that you see when you reach for the bad food.
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                              My lapses are almost always the result of poor preparation. If I plan, shop, stock, cook and carry (if needed) the right foods, I generally eat and don't stray. If I get "too busy" and don't do any of this, I'm reach for cheap, convenient and gross.

                              Also, I'm recently honing in on the weak links in my week (weak week links?). I realized that I plan M-F pretty consciencessly, but am a little careless about the weekends. Focusing on tightening that up this month.