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Going to New York this summer

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  • Going to New York this summer

    I have never been to New York City. I am from Connecticut originally and now reside in Florida. I love food! I am an excellent cook and find great pleasure in preparing meals for my family. I have been Paleo/Primal for a year. I really don't have any cravings per se any longer. My wife says that I am the most strict person when it comes to making up my mind to do something and stick to it like glue.

    Here is my reason for placing this post.

    Would it be terribly wrong if when I go to New York to partake of their foods. For instance, I have heard their Pizza is the best. I haven't eaten Pizza since I have been Paleo; How about the Pastrami and rye? Hot dogs from street vendors? Canollli's? bagel and Lox? china Town and their Asian delicacies?

    ok, Attack!

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    As a native NYCer (just moved to Buffalo recently), I can attend to NYC having the best bagels and pizza (though my husband, who is from Italy will argue till his dying breath that Italy's pizza is far superior to NY's. Considering you are visiting, and assuming it won't cause lasting issues when you return to Florida, I say go for it! I, too, am pretty strict when it comes to making up my mind about things like eating healthy, but a huge part of traveling is experiencing local food. A few days of SAD eating is not going to kill you - a lifetime of it will.