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    I do wonder, why do people consider coconut oil as a good heat withstander if it's smoking point is relatively low? I assume it has something to do with it's saturated fat profile, though it still doesn't explain the low smoke point.

    Any thoughts?

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    Sorry can't answer your question but I'd be interested in this too! Cooked coconut pancakes this morn and oil was fine for the first batch but by the second lot it was really smoking! Bit annoying!x
    An English girl who's been on lots of different diets, weight gone up and down but always been a naturalist at heart and have always wondered why "Conventional Wisdom" diets don't allow you to eat red meat and nuts - that are purely natural things?! So feel I've found my niche in the PB/Paleo Lifestyle and really want to make this my way of life for good!!!


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      I use unrefined coconut oil in my deep fryer for sweet potato chips and fried yucca. I never had any problem with it, but the fryer only goes up to about 400 degrees.


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        i reguarly fry pancakes in Coconut oil. dont have it screaming hot and its fine and adds a lovely flavour (good coconut oil tastes bland out the tub)
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          I have wondered that too. When I go for heavy heat, I spring for the avocado oil, which has a very high smoke point.
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            I think I find CO works as effectively on a lower heat as some oils do on a higher heat. So I just turn the stove down a little, and continue to fry away!
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