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I hate starting new threads, but I have to ask about weight *gain*

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  • I hate starting new threads, but I have to ask about weight *gain*

    Should I be at all concerned with a one pound weight *gain* in one day? The details:

    I'm not weight training/exercising yet. That starts today, actually.
    I've lost six pounds in the first week or so.
    I pretty much stuck to the diet 100% every day so cheats at all.
    I already had my BM for today.
    Yesterday was 242.6, today was 244.
    I did eat some rather salty jerky right before bed last night.
    I had a small glass of whole/full fat milk last night as well. (maybe 4 oz)

    I don't feel like I strayed yesterday, just wondering if a little gain is sometimes normal. It's the first time the scale has gone the other way since starting.

    Probably best to step on the scale once a week, I'm guessing?
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    You're fine. Weight fluctuation is normal. The jerky and milk probably affected your weight. Some people feel it's best to not to even weigh themselves at all and others find weighing themselves to be helpful. Up to you. Good job so far!


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      Weight will fluctuate. Weigh yourself once a week at the most, otherwise you can get frustrated when you have a good day and your weight goes up.


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        Long bike ride, particularly big meal, getting a bit dehydrated during the day, having a bad grain/carbohydrate 'cheat day', lack of traditional 'morning routine'.... All of those can lead to a swing of up to 5 lbs in a day for me at about 170 lbs. So I'd say your 1 lb is nothing to worry about.

        I do weigh myself daily and after about 6 months primal I can often predict how the swings will occur. I find it beneficial, but I can see how some people can obsess and can start to micro-manage due to scale worry.
        Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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          Weight can fluctuate in a day. If you Drink a pint of water that is 1 lb don't stress it.

          If I were you I would take whole body photographs and take body spot measurements, bicep, triceps, calf, thigh, hips, waist, chest, neck and track those measurements.
          I like to weigh because it is a marker of sorts but I wont count it as a weight change until I get the same measurement 3 days in a row.
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            I used to be really bothered when I saw a 1 lb weight increase, especially when i knew I was eating really good and working out. Then I realized that weight fluctuation (BOTH up and down) is normal - and is often due to things that are unrelated to fat. For example, you mentioned eating salty jerky, which could be causing you to be retaining a little extra water. For me, I can put on 3-4 lbs when I get my period, solely from water retention (I think that's what it is, becaue a few days later it disappears.) Once I realized that the numbers on the scale are not the most accurate way to determine fat loss, I started going by how my clothes were fitting. I agree with the advice to weigh yourself less often - once a week, at most.

            Also, one thing that helped me immensely over the long run is that when I do weigh myself, I write it down somewhere (like in my planner) so I can focus more on the trend over a longer period of time, instead of just comparing today's weight with the last time I got on the scale. It tends to put things in perspective. Then a brief 1-2 lb weight gain doesn't seem like such a big deal, because you'll probably notice that it goes down in the subsequent weighing.


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              I'm a chronic weigher, too. I log my weight, first of the month, in the morning, after morning coffee and subsequent BM. I weigh myself every morning and just before bed and just make a mental note of the weight, but I don't act on it until the official weigh-in.

              What i've seen, is normally I will weigh 2-4lbs less in the morning than I did the night before. My morning weights are usually within a 1-2 lbs range. Carb heavy meals can make my weight trend upward for 3-5 days and it takes another 3-5 to get back where I started. I can gain (and lose) 5-8lbs over the course of a week, and still have a monthly net loss.

              I have been PB for 1 year now. Here's how my weight has fallen, based on my 1st of the month weigh-ins. I started at 225lbs (5'11/46yo/m).
              1 Jan - 1 Mar - Lost 30lbs
              1 Mar - 1 Jun - Lost 15lbs
              1 Jun - 1 Sep - Lost 8 lbs
              1 Sep - 1 Jan - Lost 4lbs

              I've only had 1 month where my weight increased (Oct), but man-oh-man, the weight has really slowed now that I'm in the 170's. I haven't weighed 169 since high school! My goal is 165 (7lbs to go!) by this summer.


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                Ditch the scale...Free your Mind, and your Grok will follow!
                Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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                  Weight can fluctuate a pretty big amount over the course of a single day. You should definitely not be worried about a 1 pound gain. You shouldn't even be worried about a 2 pound gain.
                  Then there's the other factor. Why does what the scale says matter? At 5'10" 180, I think the scale would say I'm a little overweight... but most of the weight is in big shoulders and a big squat butt. The number doesn't really matter, it's the body composition you see and feel that is much more important.
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