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Wow, what the hell was that...?

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  • Wow, what the hell was that...?

    Hey folks,

    i just had probably one of the worst nights sleep in my life! I went to bed feeling slightly nauseous, and after about an hour i felt like i was going to vomit. on top of that, when i really started to feel sick, i also began to feel flu like muscle pains in my whole body and felt like my whole body was throbbing with my heart beat. veeery strange. I had no muscle pain prior to going to bed.

    I didnt sleep much at all, but its moring now, and although i still feel a little queasy, the muscle pain is gone again and my heart rate is back down.

    I realise it could have been a whole list of things, but in regards to feeling sick, i did have a high fat meal yesterday in the afternoon. It consisted of all health fats, avocado + coconut, but i was wondering if maybe it was too much? i know a lot of people say that when you eat too much fat, your body will tell you, but the muscle pains and high blood pressure seems a little strange.

    Im a 24 year old male, primal for more than a year and otherwise perfectly healthy. should i be freaking out? thanks!

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    My vote is food poisoning which can take up to a week to develop, so it could have been something you ate last week. Hope you feel better.


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      This happens to me when I'm dehydrated.

      I just figured it out within the last 6 months and I'm 43!

      Even night before last, couldn't sleep, heart pounding, felt like I was going to hurl, finally went to sleep,
      woke up, felt fine, worked in my kid's classroom, came home, felt NASTY.

      Went to the bathroom, pee was dark yellow, like I'd never drank anything before in my life, and then I
      realized "oh, you only had TWO flagons of water yesterday instead of four or five". My waterbottle holds

      So yesterday I piled down the water and last night's sleep was amazing.

      It fully sucks that *I* have to drink that much water, and WHY is beyond me, but I'm so glad
      I figured it out, cuz one time I was in that funk and it lasted for 4 days and I thought I was going
      to die. Even my husband was concerned!

      So, at least try drinking more water.... I'm 5'3 and 120lbs, you're a dude and 25, prolly more active and bigger
      than me, so drink up.

      Dehydration is no joke.

      And you know, you'd THINK that 64oz a day would be enough, but, well, nooooo, not for me. Grrrr.

      Good luck! Hope you feel better!



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        ya if you have been primal for a year now id say your body is used to intaking a wide amount of fats...ya some flu bug or fod poisoning....if your feeling good now your probably fine
        Started Primal November 20, 2011
        Slipped from Christmas-New Years
        January 2, 2012 until Death= 100% Primal/Paleo

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          woops, you're 24, sorry, didn't mean to age you!