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    hi guys.
    im attempting to lose weight recently but with no succes.. the carb craving destroys me.
    when i dont have a menu i just dont know when to stop eating.. and im justlosing it most days and end up craving carbs.
    i made a nutriotion menu and i wanted tips or thoughts (about the menu itself please, dont tell me to ditch the menus and listen to my body.. i tryed that and seriously without any succes, just give me tips with the menu thing).
    i didnt put an order into it, its just the list of all things i need to eat along the day without any order.

    btw im 19years old, 6.1f (187cm), 100kg.

    2 cayennes, 4 tomoatoes, 4 cucumbers, 3 spoons of olive oil, 2 eggs, 400g chicken breast, an apple.

    calories: ~1400
    protein: ~120g
    fat: ~60g
    carbs: ~80g

    all the vegetables probably in a salad shape and also put the olive oil inside.
    the chicken breast is the only sort of chicken/meat i can get.. unfortunatly i cant change it so dont suggest any fatty meat or fish or somthing like that.

    if u have any tips/ideas about the menu, to add some things or to give up some things please share it with me.
    Thanks in advance to everyone

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    I'm sorry, is this your day's food or a meal or two?
    That looks like a great meal to eat. Some other primal types might be hesitant about all the nightshades (cayenne and tomatoes), but I wouldn't worry about that this early on; that's an issue for once you've started to get the hang of the paleo thing.
    I would also think about eating more food. You're tall and have some weight behind you. If you cut down to 1400 calories (while exercising a bit, I assume? if you're not planning to, you should change that and start walking) you'll go into starvation mode and start hanging onto your fat. A calorie deficit is good, but I think that might be a little extreme.
    Last, if weight loss is your goal, you might want to ditch the apple. Your carb number seems a little high for weight loss, and I have to assume that a decent amount of that is coming from the apple. Traditionally we paleo types suggest ditching fruit as long as weight loss is your goal. Maybe eat an avocado instead! Yes, it's still fruit, but it's not a fructose heavy type; it's a healthy fat heavy type.
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      Its for a whole day.
      i have a knee injury so no excercise at all for me
      i also thought 1400 is too little calories, so add more fat and some more protein?
      apple is like 20g of carbs so i give up on it, thats 60g of carbs daily, is that fine or still too high?
      i cant eat an avocado daily (wish i could).. i cant find a good place to buy them.. seriously i bought 3 avocadoes like 2 weeks ago.. and only like 2 days ago only one of them was good for eating.. so u can see that i cant plan on eating avocadoes daily.. i will when i can but i cant plan on it.
      so lets say i add 2 more eggs, thats 14g protein and 12g of fat added.. any other ideas how to get more calories?


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