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I think I might try a carb refeed, maybe you can make a suggestion

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  • I think I might try a carb refeed, maybe you can make a suggestion

    I am going for a strenuous hike tomorrow and was thinking of trying a carb refeed. The day usually goes like this:

    Hike up hill strenuously to the summit
    Have lunch on the summit
    Hike downhill
    Either go out for burgers or else just go home

    Should I eat carbs at my breakfast or my usual low-carb breakfast?

    Should I eat carbs at lunch or wait until the hike is over and eat the carbs after all the hiking is over?

    Or maybe just tell me what to do.

    I know it's not heavy lifting, but the hike is VERY strenuous. I'll be basically hauling my body weight up a very steep hill for a couple of hours during a hike that usually last most of the day.

    I just want to give my system a little jolt and also experiment to see what happens. I eat pretty low carb all the time normally.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    I'm definitely no expert, as I'm new to carb refeeding, but I can tell you what I've been doing (I'm female, 5'3, 106 lbs)

    I eat around 120 grams of carbs daily, which comes from only fruits/veggies (no grains or starches). Then on my heavy lifting day - which is the day I focus on working out my legs/lower body, I eat about 300 grams of carbs from fruit, white rice, sweet potatoes for breakfast/lunch (plus lots of lean protein, usually 250 grams of haddock). I go to the gym in the afternoon, about 2 hours after eating. For dinner, another 100 grams of carbs, more lean protein (turkey breast). I put on about 4-5 lbs this day, mostly water weight, and the next day go back to my normal routine for the week, and all that water weight disappears within 1-2 days, along with some fat. (When I first started doing this, I was around 112 lbs, but I started off with IF, so not sure which is more responsible for fat loss).

    Here's my suggestion for you:
    Eat about 200 grams of 'good carbs' and about 50 grams of SUPER low fat protein (turkey/chicken breast, white fish, etc...) 1-2 hours before the hike.
    Eat about 100 grams of 'good carbs' and about 50 grams of SUPER low fat protein for lunch, after the hike.
    Have some more lean protein (maybe 25 g?) and veggies for dinner.


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      Also female, 5'3", lean and muscular 120-ish.

      I don't think it matters a heck of a lot, as long as you don't dive into a trough of unsafe carbs (gluten grains in particular). BUT, if your goal is fat loss, there's no real reason to pump extra PWO carbs into the equation. Extra calories maybe, but not extra carbs.

      So go out for a burger. Order yours without the bun. Salad instead of fries. Oil and vinegar instead of ranch. Delicious. Satisfying. Done.
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        Thank you. I am going to try salmon and sweet potatoes for breakfast and lunch and we'll see what happens for dinner. I've got the canned salmon with bones and the fat calories are fairly low. I just want to see what happens, if anything. Maybe I will hike better. Who knows.
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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          How'd the hike go with more carbs?


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            Actually, it went really well. I was a lot stronger than normal. I ate a can of salmon and half a sweet potato for breakfast. Hiked up the mountain and ate another can of salmon and a slab of a yam for lunch. Then hiked down the mountain. I felt really strong the whole way. Better than I have in a long time.

            We went out for burgers but this place we go has such lousy service we ended up only getting beer. I drank a glass of wine instead of beer.

            I might eat another piece of yam for dinner, if I can stand it.

            I'm curious what the after effects will be. If this turns out positive, I think I'll continue eating more carbs on days I do strenuous activity. It's nice to have my formerly strong self back.
            Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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              Another suggestion, supposedly coconut oil by the spoonful (or even MCT oil) is good "carb-like" quick burn energy without being carbs.
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                I noticed that ever since I started having my carb day be the same day as my heaviest weight day at the gym, I'm unstoppable when it comes to the leg press and leg curl - i used to really struggle with them, was never able to increase reps or weights, never saw muscle improvement. I add some carbs, and bang! they are both improving on a weekly basis. Glad to hear you had a positive experience, too!