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Staying Primal while on Vacation

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  • Staying Primal while on Vacation

    Hi fellow primal friends,

    I just started primal last Saturday (12/31/11) and have had great success so far! I've lost 5 pounds, my belly fat is going down, and I feel great!

    I have a 2 week vacation coming up on January 20th to St. Maarten. I'm trying to prepare now on what I can eat while at the beach. I feel pretty sure I can do good with breakfast and dinner...I'm just wondering about snacks on the beach.

    I'm thinking that I can probably buy some beef jerky, nuts, and veggies for the beach time, but any other suggestions would be great if y'all have any!

    Thanks so much!
    Started Primal: 12/31/2011
    SW and BF%: 189.7 @ 33% (chest 41.5 - waist 30.5 - hips 41.5)
    CW and BF%: 182 @ 30.1%
    GW and BF%: 165 @ 18%?? LGN, baby!!

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