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count calories/macros?

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  • count calories/macros?

    Just curious

    Who doesnt count calories/macro breakdown here

    Ive hust started the P.B diet after xmas, though did 4 weeks before xmas as a test, I love it

    I go to the gym, as I want to loose some fat (about 1 st) and build muscle, every diet ive ever followed has been a bodybuilding style, i.,e carbs, loads of protein etc etc

    so I guess im trying to work out, I feel guilty almost eating burgers (all 100% grassfeed meat) fried in oil, only carbs coming from salad/green veg, ive only followed it like this for last 5 days but just want to make sure im doing it right

    I'll have a banana after lifting weights with a meal to follow, all just seems alot different to how I used to eat thats all, but if its whats recommended i'll keep at it

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    Since going Primal I've been a counter. I was always counting, or at least eyeballing something.

    As of the first of the year, following falling off the Primal wagon and being run over a couple times, I'm back on and not counting a single thing. I'm hitting the gym a few times a week and letting my appetite do all the thinking. My brain is no longer allowed to determine what I eat.

    This goes for macros but also palate. Yesterday I was supposed to make broccoli for dinner. My mouth didn't want it. The thought was (and still is) a bit gag-inducing. Perhaps it's because I've been sick because usually I love broccoli. The old me would have forced myself to eat it anyways, like a strict parent. Not this time though. Body don't want it, brain ain't making the body have it.


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      I've just gotten off the counting habit, and it still throws me a little. I tend to eyeball it still and just kinda guess what my day looks like. Heck, I even force myself to have a small snack before bed even if I'm not hungry (I hate waking up at absurd-o'clock in the morning with pain where my stomach should be. When it's empty, I know it). Old habits die hard, but at least I'm not planning my day and counting it all beforehand (or even after)
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