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The Truth about Protein (and Fat)

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  • The Truth about Protein (and Fat)

    Getting a little confused here as I'm starting to read up on other blogs/articles regarding the topic of "how much protein vs. how much fat"

    For example, based on the few articles I read thus far from Lyle McDonald (just started so don't bite if I misinterpreted!) it seems that Lyle is more favorable toward a high protein diet, approximately 1-1.5 per lean body mass. He also seems to say while fat isn't bad, it doesn't have as high a thermic effect. And fat isn't as satiating in the short-term (say during the meal) as it is between meals, therefore making it easier to over-eat on fats at that time thus potentially increasing overall caloric intake.

    On the other hand, Nora Gegaudas and Mark seem more favorable toward fats and have a more moderate approach to protein.

    These were just a few examples I can recall. Now, I know everyone is different and it's all about finding which approach works best for each individual, but I wanted to get people's opinion on what works best for them. How much protein do you guys aim for and/or how many grams of fat works best for your height/weight?

    Hope this post makes sense. I've been trying to make sense of it in my head but thought I would put it out there for others that have been through this or for those also interested.

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    Well Lyle mentions 1 - 1.5grs if youre weight lifting and trying to gain weight (muscle). Personally i try to aim at .8 - 1gr/pound.


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      IMO protein is great, but fat is better.

      I aim for 1 gram protein per pound of body weight daily, but I only weigh 100 lbs. I usually don't make it that high, either, there's only so much meat I want to chew and I don't use protein supplements.

      I try to take in as much fat as I can, and end up in the region of 200-300 grams per day when I bother to count. But I am trying to gain weight (not just muscle).