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  • Fat

    Here I go again. Sorry, but I'm going to ask that question...

    I just made beef short ribs (this awesome recipe!). I bought organic, and they were quite fatty.

    Ok to eat the fat? I know, I should know better by now. But, wow, lots of fat (not really grizzle).

    I like the fat, I just wonder.


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    it's up to you whether you eat the fat or not...obviously, it's not the fat that is the problem. organic is certainly a good choice, but if it was still grain fed, just know that the fat will contain a good amount of omega 6 and very little or no omega 3. just get in some good fish or fish oil and you're good to dig in on those ribs. otherwise, with grain fed meats, it's usually a good practice to toss that extra fat away.


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      Were the grass fed or grain fed? That's the big question.

      If it's grass fed? Then I wouldn't worry about the fat. It's going to be delicious Omega-3, and good for you.

      If it's grain-fed, then you can start to think about it. Since it's organic, it's probably not going to be so bad, but the fat is where all the nasty stuff--toxins, hormones, etc. ends up. And if it's grain fed, it's going be much higher in Omega-6, so you're going to get some funky inflammatory stuff in there.

      So, typically, if you're eating conventional/grain fed, go as lean as possible. If you're eating grass-fed, no worries.


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        Thanks amigos!

        I still have so much to learn! (And I've been at this a while

        I'm happy to report they are grass fed...and a yummy breakfast indeed!

        Have a super day!


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          I would suggest that it also depends on your current goals. Fat is very calorie dense and is always very easy for one's body to store if the derived calories aren't needed. So, if you're trying to lose then I'd suggest making leaner choices.


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            Thanks, Daemonized. I am fortunate that weight is not my issue.


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              Are you worried about cardiovascular issues and such?

              Christ Masterjohn, who writes The Daily Lipid, has a ton of good stuff about fat and health/CVD. You can check that out for more info.


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                Related topic, I'm into cooking pork shoulders at the moment which ends up with a lovely layer of crackling fat ... same deal I presume?
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                  Here's a link oto one of Mark's posts on the topic: The Differences Between Grass-Fed Beef and Grain-Fed Beef | Mark's Daily Apple

                  According to him, the omega 6 levels in both grass-finished beef and convential grain-fed beef are the same, but the gfb has some omega 3, which makes the ratio better, while the cgfb has virtually no omega 3, which skewes the ratio. He recommends supplementing with some fish oil if you're eating the grain-fed stuff.

                  Then there's the toxin issue - animals store accumulated toxins in their fat (same goes for humans). So logic would have it that by eating lots of convential animal fat, you're consuming a ton of scary toxins. Organic is probably much better for avoiding toxins.
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                    [QUOTE=bobbitt81;671681]Are you worried about cardiovascular issues and such?

                    Yes, thanks for pointing me there. Perfect.

                    My brother is going primal too and I'm looking out for us both based on family history!

                    Have a great weekend...yeah!


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                      I'd like to add that inflammation and autoimmune (Hashimoto's) are my challenge.

                      FYI, I'm primal and am pretty hard core about it. The last time I did a whole 30, the only things I had to remove were the occasional bite of cheese and a few drops of stevia.

                      I did cheat a lot at Christmas b/c I wanted to let go a bit and enjoy the season. Again, cheating for me is 1/2 piece of cheesecake without the crust.

                      If anyone has tips around this, I'm always open.