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  • How to gain weight

    Hey guys,

    I'm 6ft and weight around 59-60kg. Skinny but gained some muscle. Wanting to gain more weight so that my workouts are more effective.

    My trainer recommended about 600g of meat and 250g of brown rice a day plus other things. Failed at that a bit but I've been having 200g of brown rice for dinner the past two nights and felt really tired the following days. Found Marks article about grains.

    What are some really easy, cost effective recipes that I can use to gain weight? Something that I can make in bulk.

    Thanks heaps guys!

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    Sweet potatoes are the first place I would go.

    Some people tolerate white rice just fine--it's pure starch without all the nasty phytates and such--you could give it a go.

    It really depends on your activity and your goals.


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      Dairy is your friend if you're lifting and trying to gain.

      Full fat Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein are all good sources.

      Post workout I like two scoops of whey, coconut water, half a baked sweet potato, and a cup of frozen berries. End of the day, I also like 1/4c unsweetened apple sauce, dash of cinnamon, and 1c cottage cheese.

      This is if you're having trouble eating enough meat, eggs and veggies to gain. If you're lifting heavy, you need to eat at a caloric surplus to recover and gain weight.

      Another good recipe for weight gain is Thai curry. A can of full-fat coconut milk is $1.50-$3 and 700 calories. Cook a pound of meat in that with some veggies and curry paste and serve over white rice, and you can EASILY have a 1500 calorie meal. There's a couple of good recipes on Everyday Paleo.


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        drink tons of milk