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  • High heat cooking

    I've been puzzled by this issue for some time now. it seems cooking and frying in high temperatures is risky and dangerous. so we're left with medium heat cooking, which is extremely slow and annoying.

    I wanted to ask, is frying in high temperatures on a daily basis indeed a risky thing?
    And if it is, how do you stand the medium heat cooking? it takes so long.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Medium heat cooking is amazing. My food tastes better, it's easier to catch the food exactly at "done", and I can walk away from the pan for a moment if duty calls. BUT, since you do not appreciate these benefits and just want your food sometime before the next stone age, use the oils with higher smoking points to be safe. I cook my eggs this way when I make them over-easy. Any cooler than medium-high and they don't really set correctly. But salmon, anything above medium turns it to rubber.

    Here's my take:

    A healthy body can easily neutralize the oxidized particles from a little over-heated oil once in awhile, but I wouldn't cook your oil to smoking for an extended period of time daily. If you're just flash-frying something like bacon, then you've got that short time duration on your side. It takes longer to oxidize the oil than is does to cook your food. That said, just using healthy oils like tallow and coconut oil already put you miles ahead of the game, so if slightly overcooked oil is part of your 20%, then the rest should counterbalance it.
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      Thanks for the answer!
      Though, as far as I know coconut oil has a pretty low smoke point, which should make it problematic for high heat cooking.
      The main point is that I can try and cook foods to a medium quality, but in case I can't, if I cook meat, in relatively high temperatures to a level of about medium-well, or even well-done, will it have adverse health effects? or is it safe as long as I keep a generally healthy diet (avoiding grains, exercise, eat a lot of vegetables and some fruit)? because all this worrying about the temperatures simply make me nervous and stressful, and I'm starting to think that it's more dangerous than a little fried meat.


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        Can you refer to my second reply? This issue just really drives me nuts.


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          if I cook meat, in relatively high temperatures to a level of about medium-well, or even well-done, will it have adverse health effects?
          How often are you eating meals like this? Once in a while is probably no big deal but multiple times and every day will add up.

          Why cook at high heat if you going to well-done? Medium heat would produce better results....and why do you want to cook your meat so thoroughly? Texture and flavor is some much better at medium doneness


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            That's what I'm used to I guess, but I can most likely stand medium doneness too.
            So, cooking in high temperatures on a daily basis isn't advised, but if I cook it on medium heat on a daily basis, it's considered safe?


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              I always thought that coconut oil WAS a high heat withstander?

              If not, I'll probably be dead by Saturday.

              I just did a stir fry (chicken) the other day, put the coconut oil (2tbl) in the wok on HIGH and
              then sliced up my meat.

              The oil was in the wok for a good 7 minutes or MORE before I actually put the meat in
              and there was NO smoking WHATSOEVER.

              That said, I do have a stupid electric stove.... which takes longer to heat up, but when I put
              the chicken in, it was SUPER angry and it cooked up in 5 minutes (1.5lbs).

              I always thought if the oil smoked, then you were screwed and you're killing yourself.

              Provided it's a good oil and all.

              But perhaps I'm wrong. THE HORROR!



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                Well, perhaps it could withstand those heats better than mono's or poly's but it does seem to have a lower smoke point, and I don't know about you, but every time I cooked with it, it had a very strong smell and it seemed to smoke real badly. One way or the other, it probably isn't that bad. Especially since it happened only that one specific time. (Even if it happened before, you seem to still be alive).

                It is interesting though, since I read the same things, that it was a great heat withstander and all. It is quite peculiar that it has a low smoke point. I'd like to hear more opinions of that matter.

                Though it'll seem that stir-frying things isn't such a good idea in general (sometimes it's a must, we all need it occasionally), so coconut oil should be safe in most cases.