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  • Another New Member-some questions on advice

    Hey all,

    I'm sure you get the newbie questions a lot, but I couldn't find all of what I wanted to ask in the archived posts.

    1. Saturated Fat: I know Mark says that its preferred by the body for energy, but I am concerned with the higher cholesterol that this could bring. I guess I still haven't been able to fully buy in.

    2. How would you rate your fat sources in terms of use frequency and importance in diet? (SFA,MUFA,PUFA).

    3. Currently I'm trying to get my fat from coconut oil, kerrygold, macadamia nuts, and animals like beef if available. Right now it's almost 80% coconut oil. (Almost sick of it!) I can't do lard or ghee, not quite comfortable there yet. (There is not something close by where I can pick up grassfed beef unless I make a long trip for it.) I mostly settle for grassfed chicken. Is frozen chicken/nongrassfed chicken okay (low fat breast).

    4. Cooking in the skillet: Best stovetop temps to cook oils? I don't have a temp gun, so I have a 1-8high dial on my electric stovetop. I've seen some smokepoints, just not sure how to guestimate on my stove.

    Thanks so much for any and all responses!


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    1. Lots have decreased their cholestrol.. and everyone decreases there bad dense LDL. It might increase your type A fluffy cholestrol.. however this is not an indicator of heart problems. The ratio is more important. Once you switch primal and your inflamation goes down, your HDL goes up, your trigs go up you'll be in great heart healthy shape! Others can elaborate more.
    2. Looks to me like you have the right order already. Stay away from high PUFA sources! Also our goal is to get a good ratio between
    3. All sounds good! Don't forget to also concentrate on your Omega 3's with some nice fatty fish!
    4. Olive oil holds up well. Also animal fats like lard and tallow.
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      I appreciate the response!

      I try to get fatty fish when I can. It's tough getting some Alaskan Salmon. I have access to Mahi Mahi, though. If I don't get my omega 3's there, I have some high quality fish oil capsules. Although, how long do those last? I bought about 4 containers from Costco (Nature's Bounty). I keep them in the cupboard. Should I freeze the rest or get rid of them and buy a new bottle only when I need it? (I've had them about 3 months)