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Crazy junk food cravings from IF?

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  • Crazy junk food cravings from IF?

    I'm wondering whether IFing is not for me, I've been following a 16/8 IF schedule 2-3 times/week, and it seems like it's really ramped up my junk food cravings. Last night I gave in and scarfed down peanut m&ms and ice cream right out of the container, it was not pretty. On the days I IF, I probably consume the same amount of calories as I do on non IF days (I'd like to be more specific, but I don't track at all), so it's not hunger driven. Typical meals involve ground beef, lots of vegetables sauteed in butter and oil, high calorie/high fat, generous helpings. Any thoughts on trying a different IF schedule? Anyone else experience something similar?

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