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Magnesium Confusion!

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  • Magnesium Confusion!

    After researching posts regarding the following symptoms: racing heartbeat, insomnia & a twitchy eyelid, I realized I have a Magnesium difficiency. Also my thyroid med is probably too high, but thats another issue.

    I am very confused about what kind of Magnesium to take. I recently came back to Primal Blueprint way of eating, and I feel great, except for the above. The symptoms started the same weekend i went back on PB. On the Leptin Reset site, Jack Kruse says to take Mg Malate. But there are a lot of other types out there, i.e., Mg Citrate, Oxide, etc. I googled this, and STILL dont have a good answer.

    So does it really matter which kind? If anyone knows, or has dealt with similar symptoms, I would love to hear about it!

    Thank you!

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    It matters mostly for side effects. Malate has the least, but is also expensive. I use Jigsaw, which is a malate.
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      Just yesterday I saw Dr Davis of Wheat Belly fame posting about taking magnesium malate. His comment was that this is best absorbed form of magnesium. I've been taking mag citrate for a couple of months & it has definitely helped my sleep. Some forms of magnesium can have a laxative effect so don't go mad on high doses to start with. Mag malate is supposed to have less effect in this direction.


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        Thank you! That is very helpful. I have the malate on order, I should get it today. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep!


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          My favorite magnesium is a powdered supplement called CALM. It can be found at most healthy grocery stores .It taste great and relaxes me like nothing else. Good Luck!


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            i got the regular, cheapo 'nature's way' the other day at cvs and it's worked well.


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              Good to know! This tells me that I just need SOME kind of magnesium, and not to get all worked up about the type. Keep it simple! Thanks for all your responses )


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                Cheap stuff for me too!

                I take magnesium oxide and do fine with it. It has made my migraines all but disappear and I sleep better too. From what I understand, most Americans are deficient in magnesium since soils are depleted.


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                  I have been taking magnesium citrate for a long time. I like it, handle it fine, and recommend it. I'm thinking about giving magnesium ascorbate a shot, though, just for the Vitamin C bonus. Anyone have any experience with it?
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