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So far after nearly 2 weeks, but some questions.

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  • So far after nearly 2 weeks, but some questions.

    Hi everyone,
    Thought i'd ask these question as i'm not sure.

    First, is are sausages ok? I found some sausages with garlic and parsley from the supermarket and they are tasty, and i've been eating them every day. The only thing from searching is that it's better with low sodium, but I can't find any with very low sodium. These have like 700mg.

    And the last time I lost weight and got into the best shape of my life I ate ALOT of fruit. And i've started having fruit salad for breakfast and sometimes for other meals if there's nothing else I can think of. But from some reading this may not be the best to lose weight which is my main goal.

    Aswell as alot of walnuts to fill me up a bit.

    Some days I feel like i'm slimmer, other days I feel like i'm fatter, it's not a huge difference in about a week and a half. I just don't know if i'm doing it right. It's been very hard to find foods that aren't carbs/wheat, it seems that nearly everything in the supermarket is. Or atleast my mind is sorting for it.

    The interesting thing is the last few days i've tried a few wheat things again and felt funny. I started to eat toast today, and ate half a bit of bread and felt kind of sick so threw it out. Guess it's not until i'm not having it all the time that I notice the effect it has, though I find it strange I never used to get that feeling from wheat.

    So I know i'm probably not doing it perfectly, but the fact certain things are starting to taste bad that I used to like tells me something is happening. Wheat is starting to taste terrible and the same with iced coffee, which made me feel funny and tasted terrible too (I used to have one every day without fail pretty much). And tonight I had an orange juice when I was out, and started to get a little headache just after a few sips (due to sugar I assume, which I haven't had much of since starting either).

    I'm already looking to vary what i've been eating so I don't get sick of it which I kind of am already, my problem is I don't like alot of stuff. But my basic day has been (so I can get advice.)

    Breakfast - fruit salad. Coffee with half a sugar (down from 2 that I used to have a while ago.)

    Then a shake - water, 2 eggs, some protein powder and fish oil.

    Lunch - 3 sausages usually. But then it doesn't seem to fill me up so walnuts or something like that. Some days it's been pita bread pizzas which still seem to taste ok but I hope to get rid of that completely. Maybe a yoghurt.

    On days I work out I have an extra shake with just protein powder and water. (3 days a week.)

    Tea - Alot of times it's been pitta bread pizzas, but trying to stop that. Tonight it was fruit salad as I wasn't sure what else. I plan to stop the pitta bread too as it is wheat. I am going to start having some vegetables too, I would have steak, but I seem to hate it, and any other kind of meat, but I like sausages, which I know are pretty processed which is why I asked earlier in the thread about them. I'm also going to try bacon, is that good?

    As you can see there hasn't been much variation. But i'm not sure if i'm on the right path or doing it all wrong.

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    I think you already know that you need to cut back on the fruit, lose the sugar, and stop eating wheat. The nuts are probably not a good idea if you're trying to lose weight. Add in coconut oil, olive oil, animal fat and/or butter. You might also want to up your protein. I don't think you're getting enough. Also... veggies! veggies! veggies! I eat anywhere from 4-8+ servings a day. They're good for you, full of fiber and will help keep you full. Stick with animal protein, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit (little starch, no sugar). I think dairy consumption varies from person to person. I view dairy as a condiment. I can have a little but more than that and my system goes haywire. Hope that helps.


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      In addition to what Tricia posted I highly recommend you find a Paleo cookbook. That is the only way I was able to be successful at this and based on what you have posted, I don't think I would have made it two weeks. In order to make this work you must plan ahead. I use my weekends to prepare several large dishes that I can then feed off of throughout the week. I now have 4 different Paleo cookbooks and I can honestly say that I have never in my life eaten so well and I look forward to each meal. Here are my recommendations:

      - Stop eating what you know you shouldn't
      - Get a cookbook and prepare your meals
      - Track your intake/output using, a free program
      - Eat a lot of vegetables
      - Bacon and sausage only if uncured. No nitrates/nitrites

      This should not be painful or feel like a burden. I am not even trying to lose weight and I have lost 16 pounds in 2 months with zero suffering, pain, misery.


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        +1 on the veggies!

        As for fruit, that's a pretty individual thing. Some people can't even look at fruit sideways without gaining weight. Personally, I eat LOTS of fruit, which is recommened on the Paleo diet, and for me it's not a problem. For me, weight loss is all about not eating grains and starches (except for white rice and sweet potatoes on my 1 carb day per week). I'm a woman, 5'3, and by cutting out all the grains and continuing to eat a ton of fruit, I dropped down to 106. Some people on this forum have to restrict fruit to a serving of berries per day, max. Since you're just beginning, and you clearly like fruit, I'd suggest to keep the fruit and see how you're doing weight/health wise. If you don't see results you can always make changes later.

        Also, primal/paleo is really about eating whole, unprocessed nutrient-rich foods - it's about dense nutrition, rather than suppressing pangs of hunger with sugary, salty, high-bad-fat empty calories. For someone new to this way of eating, I'd say you're off to a great start. As it becomes easier and more familar, you may want to improve further, for example, by eliminating protein powders (which tend to have some nasty or unhealthy ingredients) in place of whole-food protein sources like meat, eggs, and fish, which it seems like now are not the most palatable things for you, but you may find that your taste buds change over time (like your experience with coffee and wheat is showing).

        Also, if you're looking to up your fat, I'd suggest a 'clean fat' like coconut oil - it's a medium chain fat, which is used in the body differently than long chain fats (such as bacon fat) are. I'm a recent convert! You can search on Mark's blog for more info on coconut oil, if you're interested.
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          What she said ^-^

          Also, basically you can stop going down the aisles in the grocery store. All you need is around the edges - veggies and meat and MAYBE dairy. But many people can't eat dairy either (milk protein = casein, is similar in structure to gluten).

          If you don't like steak (!!!!), some other ideas for meat - which I predict you will like more as your body gets used to non-processed foods
          hamburger - patty, beanless chili, taco salad
          beef - roast beef, london broil with a dry rub, thin sliced and marinated (LOTS of options with the marinade!)
          pork - roast pork loin, crock-pot and shred and add BBQ sauce, pork chops with sauerkraut
          chicken - fried in coconut oil, roasted (whole or individual), sauteed chicken breast with any number of sauces/seasonings, hot wings (butter and hot sauce only)
          fish - all kinds! salmon, tuna, shark, crab, etc etc
          eggs - fried, poached, omellete (hundreds of filling options


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            You need to work in some meat/veggies/fish. If you dont particularly like them.. I was a picky eater myself. It's time to try anew but cooked in different ways. Try preparing with sauces that you like, marinate that meat! (nothing like balsmic vinegar/garlic IMHO). You need to find more things that you like, and more things that you LOVE that are primal.

            Check out these threads:
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            Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs


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              Thanks everyone, that helps alot.

              Still experimenting on the meat front. Tried some hamburgers from the supermarket which apparently were only 100% beef (that's all it said in ingredients.) and didn't like it.

              But before my parents made some hamburgers, with some vegetables in them and they were quite nice. I've really gotta learn how to cook myself. My problem is I get impatient.

              Last time I lost alot of weight I was eating heaps of fruit. But if I don't start seeing more results in a few weeks I will think more about cutting it.

              And add some veggies.

              Thanks again, it helps alot to get some tips from people with experience in it.