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Fat, protein, carb balance.....

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  • Fat, protein, carb balance.....

    Having walked close to, but not in the middle of the primal pathway, I have now committed myself to this as a way of life. Two weeks in and I'm seeing incredible results. I started out at 248lbs and am at 236lbs now (6'3"). I do lift heavy things and have for some time. My question now is about range as in the balance of fat, protein and carb. The last three days (a good sample of my eating) yeilded the following: Fat: 54%, 52%, 59%, Protein: 25%, 32%, 26% and Carbs: 21%, 16%, 15%. Any thoughts on balance are greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like you're doing good to me! Keep up the good work. My ratios today were similar to yours. 61/25/14. On workout days they're more like 35/25/40 since I cycle my carbs.
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