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Coconut sugar?

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  • Coconut sugar?

    Is coconut sugar ok to eat? Is honey a better sweetener?

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    Sugar is sugar. What are your goals? Are you trying to lose weight?

    edit: If you are trying to lose weight, don't use sweeteners at all. Otherwise, use them sparingly to taste. Or not.
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      Yes I am an I have cut out all sugars but when I do use sweetener I wasn't sure if One or the other would be better? I know it's all sugar just wanted to see if there was a better choice-


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        Coconut sugar

        I have read that coconut sugar is not a healthy sugar replacement nor is honey. They both cause a spike in your blood sugar. I think stevia or xylitol are better and both natural. This is a great blog and she talks about sugar I think on the first page. Maria's Nutritious and Delicious Journal


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          thanks for asking this! i was wondering about this myself...


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            Better in terms of what calories? Taste? Glycemic index? Environmental impact?

            Personally I've decided to avoid it after reading this:

            The Truth About Coconut Palm Sugar: The Other Side of the Story!


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              No, it's not a good thing. In fact, there isn't REALLY any "good" sugar.

              If you absolutely must have sugar, go for stevia. There are no calories, and it's about as close to natural as you'll find in sugar replacement.
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