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MSM/Cysteine and Detox Symptoms?

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  • MSM/Cysteine and Detox Symptoms?

    First, some background history. I've had very mild, but persistent acne since I was about age 11. I'm 22 now and in the past year and some odd months, I managed to clear my mild acne through diet, exercise and supplementation alone. However, when I eat crappy, I'll still get an occasional breakout, although now they heal and disappear much faster than before (which I attribute to living healthy 80+% of the time.)

    Has anyone here ever taken MSM or cysteine? It’s hands down the weirdest supplement I’ve ever taken (and I’m a bit of a supplement hog.) I’ve heard of people experiencing MAJOR detox symptoms with it and this particular supplement I’m taking has both MSM and cysteine (both supposedly good at detoxing.) I’m not sure if my breakouts are a result of detox or my carefree attitude towards my diet during the holidays (washing down horrible food with champagne was totally worth it though. I had fun.) But since I’ve started taking MSM (one day after X-mas I believe) I’ve gotten these weird breakouts in places I never had them. I had two breakouts on opposite sides on my temples. I also have them under my shoulder blades and my body acne has been virtually non-existent for a long time, even while I was still breaking out on my face.

    I don’t quite know what to make of these recent breakouts, but they’re small and dry up within a day or so, so it’s not causing me any grief. But something strange I noticed, which leads me to believe that the MSM or cysteine IS working, is that I get some rumbling in my stomach and I feel like my kidneys (or the general area where my kidney is) is experiencing some weird rumbling too. Not pain, just sort of pressure or something. It’s strange, but perhaps this is what detoxing is supposed to feel like. I’ve been back on track with exercise and diet since New Years, but one thing I noticed since the MSM/cysteine supplement is that my urine is NEON yellow and I’ve been drinking more water than usual too. I speculate this is a sign of some sort of kidney action going on. Also got a mild headache yesterday, which went away in like 2 hours too. Not entirely sure what to make of MSM/cysteine yet, but I’ll stick with it until both bottles run out and see how it goes. Anyone have any experience using MSM or Cysteine?

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    I have taken both of them at different times in my life. The MSM always clears my skin up and makes my hair grow like crazy. I took N-Acetyl Cysteine for almost a year and it did give me funny break outs. They were on my for arms of all places! I even have scars from it.

    I was doing battle with uterine cancer so I don't care about scars. If you are doing it just to cleanse you may consider something a little more gentle.


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      I have taken MSMfor about a month. No weird side-effects here, just amazing skin!


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        What dosage did you guys take?

        I've been reading that 500mg is a good dosage to start with and then gradually increase it. My supplement has 700mg in it though, which is obviously more and I take that twice daily so 1400mg total. That might be part of the reason why I've been experiencing some possible detox.


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          I take 6 grams daily, 3 gr of MSM every 12 hours.


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            Actually, I just remembered; a month ago I had pimples breaking out along my jaw and on my bum! It happen around the time I started MSM. I was perplexed because I only used to get pimples there when I ate a lot of sugar pre-primal. Must have been some sort of detoxing happening.


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              I take two heaping teaspoons of MSM everyday (morning and evening) which probably equates to 20gms a day. Whilst I use it predominantly to control inflamation I have noticed my skin cleansing itself and the occassional bout of very deep, painful zits! Only 2 or 3 at a time and in wierd places. These then clear and there is a period of calm (no zits) which is much longer than the breakout period. Is it the MSM? Probably, although to be honest if it is I see it as a benefit. Good luck with the MSM, it's great stuff!!