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Is raw milk safe during pregnancy?

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  • Is raw milk safe during pregnancy?

    I have been reading a lot on the benefits of raw milk and really want to try. However, I just found out I was pregnant. I know the CDC and FDA advise against it's consumption whether prego or not (regardless of the slew of benefits) so I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts. Is it safe?

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    Depends on who you talk to.
    Id drink it


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      I would drink it too. Provided you have a good source. According to the CDC's own numbers, way more people get sick from fresh vegetables than from raw milk. But no doctor is going to tell you to stop eating salad! (I would give you a reference for that, but I'm swamped right now, but I bet you can google it and find the report.)

      Otherwise, Whole Foods sells a grass fed, low-temp pateurised, non-homogenized milk that I would consider a close second to raw milk as far as nutritional value is concerned. However, if you have lactose issues, it still won't have all the enzymes and good bacteria that raw milk does.


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        i did during my last two pregnancies, but i trusted my producers. to be honest, there is a bit of a gamble, as there is with anything. the main concern is listeriosis, which can also be contracted from deli meat (or rather, any processed meat which you do not cook fully before eating), cheese, and on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables. i hate to scare you, but it sounds kind of ubiquitous. there was a recent outbreak of listeria from shredded mozzarella cheese. however, cases of listeriosis are really rare, i think it's mostly a case of people making a big deal out of minute risks. as long as your milk producer knows what s/he's doing, and runs a clean operation with healthy cows, i wouldn't worry.

        maybe if you're really freshly pregnant, wait another month or two before drinking raw milk after your risk of miscarriage drops by quite a bit.
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          If you trust your source, it's as safe or safer than raw spinach, or tomatoes.