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  • Hair loss in women - Help Please

    I think I just need some reassurance. I started eating Primal in September. Everything has been going well except I'm losing my hair. I've always shed a lot of hair due to PCOS but I'm literally getting handfuls of hair falling out daily since October. I've noticed that my hair is really thin in the front where I normally part my hair so I've been changing my part to kind of hide the thinning. But today I went to pull my hair up in a chignon and I went to look at it from the back in the mirror. OMG I nearly cried when I could clearly see scalp in 3 different spots. I'd never noticed it before because I usually leave my hair down.

    I know hair can fall out due to diet change and it's temporary. I know that hair can fall out shortly after giving birth (by my youngest is 3 years old). I do have some new hairs sprouting along my hairline but they are very fine and not many.

    Am I at the point I should see a doctor? Wait another 2 months and see if it stops (I've read a few places that 6 months seems to be the magic mark for hair to stop falling out on diet changes)?

    Any supplements I should be adding? I take Vit D3 and mag oil daily. Fish oil and a high quality multi occasionally. I eat liver weekly or every week and a half. I don't consume specifically bone broth but weekly I'll make soup from meaty bones. I'm also not in ketosis.


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    Get your thyroid checked, just in case.


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      Shoot - I forgot that thyroid could cause hair loss. I'll call and schedule an appointment later this week. Thank you.


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        I second getting your thyroid checked. My hair's been thinning in the last year or so. I ruled thyroid out. I recently started taking MSM (3000mg/day) and stopped using hair care products w/sodium laurel sulfate. I've noticed a change.


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          Originally posted by chiromom View Post
          I second getting your thyroid checked. My hair's been thinning in the last year or so. I ruled thyroid out. I recently started taking MSM (3000mg/day) and stopped using hair care products w/sodium laurel sulfate. I've noticed a change.
          I ditched SLS and 'cone' products a year ago and switched to Toad Stool soaps. My hair and scalp improved greatly except for the shedding.

          When I was a teen I had such thick hair it would take 24 hours to dry without a blow dryer. Then over the years my hair has been thinning gradually with extra thinning after having each kid. After having my youngest my hair never really bounced back to pre-pregnancy thickness.

          I called a few minutes ago. I'm set with an appointment on Thursday. I absolutely hate my PCP but I don't have another doctor I can switch to on such short notice.


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            Both, my mother and my sister lost a ton of hair after each pregnancy. My mother is just about bald, and my sister isn't far from it. Their hair never recovered, nothing grew back.

            But, they're not on a primal/paleo diet either.

            I've had flimsy thin hair my entire life that was unable to would take YEARS to grow just 3 inches passed the shoulder and by that time it was so damaged and split/broken that it had to be cut short again. I've never been able to let my hair grow, ever.

            2 years on a primal diet with high protein and mineral intake = hair below shoulder, few more inches and it's to the butt


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              I had lost over half of my hair in the years before primal. In the last few months, it has made a huge recovery. I tried a few things that seemed to work. Try to eat some liver, kelp, and brazil nuts every week. There is no supplement that can give you all the nutrients in liver. Kelp and brazil nuts contain things that are necessary for good thyroid function. I also started taking MSM and some BioSil and stopped using shampoo. I use one organic grape condition to wash and an organic olive oil conditioner to condition. I'm not sure which one did it, but I'm sticking with them all because my hair is coming in like crazy.
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                I lost a tremendous amount of hair due to hypothyroidism. I've regrown so much of it since going primal and the texture is returning to normal. It had gone straight from being really curly before. It's so hard. I know how you feel.

                I really encourage you to go get checked. While primal is helping regrow my hair, I'm also on thyroid replacement hormone. My hair loss had stabilized when I started it so it seems it does help some.


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                  I thought I got my thyroid checked but I guess not? Got cortisol and DHEA results. I've been losing a lot of hair since going primal too. My hair is coming in nicely, but I lose big clumps everyday when I wash. I'm not using conventional shampoo or conditioner.
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                    The other thing I did was get a shower filter that takes the chlorine out of the shower water. I'm not sure if it helped. I have a good friend who was having major hair loss issues. She started the shower filter, the biosil, and some B vitamins and went off oral birth control. Her hair is finally coming back in too.
                    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                      Read this
                      The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Hair loss and Kimkins
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                        Thank you for the link to the article. Very interesting stuff. The fact that I have some baby hairs growing around my hair line suggests that my hair is regrowing. Also the hair that is falling out is definitely long old growth.

                        I'll add some biosil, MSM and biotin to my supplements just to make sure my body is getting everything it needs to produce healthy hair.

                        Thank you everyone for your help. I'll report back what comes of the doctor appointment tomorrow.


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                          Some people are more prone to hair loss when dieting than others. Every time I have dieted (pre Primal when I yo-yo'd constantly) I would lose hair a couple of months after the weight starting dropping. As it came out all over my head no-one else noticed but me - and I did panic the first time it happened. My hair has always grown back. It's no harm to check with your GP in case it may be something else but if it's due to weight-loss don't worry too much - it will grow back & relatively quickly.


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                            I have never in my life had hair loss, except one time. I lost 2/3 of my hair. Thankfully, I always had too much hair to start with, so I was actually happy about this :P
                            My 2 French braids were usually very fat, and now when I make just one braid, it's not even as fat as what ONE of those two used to be! Eek!

                            When it happened, I noticed in my journal that I had been eating too much selenium, which can cause hair loss.
                            WHFoods: selenium
                            Scroll down to the orange chart. Have you been eating a lot of those foods? If so, try cutting back for a bit.

                            As soon as I cut down on those foods, my hair stopped falling, and I started getting loooots of new growth, it all went back to normal.
                            I hope for you it's an easy fix like it was for me, good luck!
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                              It could be telogen effluvium due to weight loss. In any case I would recommend supplementing with biotin, silica, and MSM.

                              You might also want to get ferritin levels checked.