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  • Egg Peeling

    I eat a ton of eggs. A lot raw, but recently have been hard boiling them for carry along snacks. What is the secret to getting them to peel easy?

    There are days that the shells just slide off with ease and then there are times when it seems like the shell is crazy glued on. Anybody figured out a fool proof method?

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    I find If I don't let them cool down to much when I remove the from the pot they peel very easy ( splash some cool water on them) ..I usually sing while I do this as to get around the hot shells burning my finger tips!


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      I haven't ever strayed into the raw egg environment, but...for boiled eggs...

      I find that as long as you are consistent with how you cook them...and use fresh eggs, the following will lead to easy-to-peel, perfectly cooked boiled eggs:

      Place fresh eggs in a pot with cool water (make sure the water covers the eggs).

      Bring to a rolling boil.

      Boil for five minutes.

      Remove from heat and replace hot water with cool water to stop the cooking process.

      Let sit for, eh...5-10 minutes.

      Take egg and tap the top and bottom on the counter to start cracking the shell. (If you are also inclined, tap the sides as well)

      Start peeling.

      Some people actually peel the egg in the cool water of their pot, I even do this on occasion..but its up to you.

      Everyone has their own tried&true methods, but this always works like a rockstar for me. FoodNetwork, here I come. Or not.

      Enjoy the egg!


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        It also depends on the age of the egg,the fresher the egg the harder they are to peel. So, it is a good idea to leave some in the frig for a bit to boil and then rotate those out.

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          I've been struggling with this too, but recently figured out a pretty consistent method that results in easy to shell eggs:

          Before boiling I run the egg under hot water for a minute or two. Then put in a luke-warm pot of water and turn the burner on high. Once it starts boiling, I reduce the heat a couple notches (i.e from 10 to 8) so it doesn't splash over the side. After 8 minutes, I dump the hot water and run cold water over them in the pot. when the eggs get to around room temperature, they should peel easy.

          Good luck!


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            I agree with soror that the fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. I let my chickens' eggs chill in the fridge for a couple weeks before hard boiling them.

            I also do the ice-bath plunge after cooking. Not positive that it helps, but that's what the cookbooks say...

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              Just found this on youtube:


              I've got to remember to try this next time!


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                I've done it before - it's awesome!

                I always suck at peeling eggs that -I- cook - I've tried many methods, but the one thing I seem to omit (impatience) every time is the ice bath.

                Un-fresh eggs + ice bath seem to be the way to go. Will try next time and report!


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                  One extra bit of advice that always seems to help me:

                  Cool your eggs in the ice bath, break the shells and then soak in the ice bath again for 5 min before pealing. This seems to REALLY help!

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                    Funnily enough just found this...


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                      I use the cold water bath to halt the cooking and cool them before refrigerating, but as others have said, it's the age of the egg that is the key.

                      I will set aside the packages of eggs I will hard boil. A couple of weeks does the trick. Too fresh eggs are a peeling nightmare.