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I have a heart in my fridge!

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  • I have a heart in my fridge!

    All sliced up and in a marinade to prep it for jerky! Let me tell you, slicing that thin and getting the last little bits of meat is HARD. Even using scissors, I'm pretty sure I discarded at least 2-3 good strips of meat with the veins et al.

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    Yeah, but it's going to be worth the effort to have real, non-polluted-with-chemicals jerky. A very sharp knife is priority one, and if you partially freeze the heart (or whatever cut you're using) before slicing it's a lot easier to get uniform slices.

    Oh, and if you have dogs there's zero waste - mine love it cooked, raw or anything in between.


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      I made a beef heart stew this weekend that was amazing. I was a bit surprised how much I had to trim, usually I get them cleaner, but the dogs were sure happy! I just toss it to them as I trim, the cat too. I wish I had a reliable source, even my local butcher says people want them, instead of leaving them for resale when they pick up their beef.
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