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Please supply your most nutrient dense recipes!

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  • Please supply your most nutrient dense recipes!

    I have a dear friend who is really struggling, as her family. (As background, these are not large people by nature - they are small boned, lean physique type people). Last year their 2 year old daughter was diagnosed as celiac with over 45 allergies (apparently, celiacs often test out with a large number of allergies that can naturally heal as the disease is brought under control). The whole family changed the way they eat to support their daughter - no grains, no processed foods, no dairy and a lot of fruits had to be eliminated. Basically, they found the Primal diet although they didn't know it at the time. Since then, the husband has also been diagnosed as celiac and they suspect my friend is one, too, although she's not willing to reintroduce grains to be tested.

    The problem is this - while their daughter is thriving and growing, the parents are not. The hubby is almost 6' and has dropped to 145 lbs, and my friend is about 5'7" and weighed in at 91 lbs today. She is also breastfeeding, so the weight just continues to drop off of her.

    That was a long explanation to lead into this question: Can you please direct me to your favorite nutrient dense and FAT FILLED recipes? I think they need to make sure they are adding fat to everything they eat and I believe they are stumped as to how to implement it.


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    Liver and onions sauteed in bacon fat/grass-fed butter. I don't like it but it fits the bill being nutrient dense.


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      Yeah liver is highly nutritious but that's not necessarily a good thing. It shouldn't be eaten more than once a week or so due to the very high levels of vitamin A.

      Out of curiosity, what fruits were eliminated and why?

      Dark leafy greens are nutrient-rich if steamed or lightly cooked. Any fruit or vegetable that's brightly or deeply coloured. I don't think these people need a select few foods that are superdense in nutrients as much as they need to eat a wide variety of vegetables and meat and some fruit. If fat is a problem, coconut milk is great.
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        As leafy greens go, kale is supreme.


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          Get them into coconut milk/cream recipes. We discovered that beef stroganoff with the cream swapped out for coconut cream tastes awesome (almost like masaman beef).


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            I agree on the coconut milk. Would love the stroganoff recipe, Sroelofs, if you see this.


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              These people don't need some nutrient rich recipes - they need more food. The male has a BMI of around 19 but the female is at 14.3! That is scary thin.

              Why are they eating so little? Finances or lack of appetite? I would suggest the fat plus carb combo. They should eat white rice, sweet potatoes, squash, white potatoes with no skins, all drenched in ghee. All veggies should be prepared with coconut milk, ghee, or tallow.

              Does she have any history of disordered eating? Is it possible that because of their health conditions they have developed orthorexia?
              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                Originally posted by betty74 View Post
                I agree on the coconut milk. Would love the stroganoff recipe, Sroelofs, if you see this.
                Hi Betty,

                Beef Stroganoff

                Replace the flour with coconut flour (use it sparingly as it gets too gluggy if you use even a tiny bit too much).

                Replace the vegetable oil with refined coconut oil. And the cream with coconut cream


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                  You friend may need to have her thyroid checked. I know quite a few women who lost loads of weight while breastfeeding and for some, the thyroid wasn't working properly (sorry brain freeze, can't remember the term, but it was under-performing)